Yume Walkthrough

Yume Walkthrough

Last Updated on 24 August, 2021

Yume Walkthrough – All the steps and locations to unlock all the scenes of the gallery in no more than 20 minutes

Yume Walkthrough – First steps

  • Starting room: Pick the picture & go upstairs
  • 1F-3: Pick the Key & the 1st piece of the broken photo, there is also a Picture where you can place the pieces of the broken photo, but you need more
  • 1F-4: pick 2nd piece of the broken photo
  • 1F-1: Pick the last broken photo
  • 1F-3: complete the Broken photo
  • 1F-5: Go upstairs
  • 2F-3: Pick the part of the broken Box
  • 2F-2: Pick 2 old currency
  • 3F-2: You will find where to place the old currencies, but you need more, and you can unlock the box with the part of the broken box, then you have to light the 9 lights to get 2 old currency (click on the 4 corners and middle), there is another old currency left of the room

Yume Walkthrough – 1st Save Point

  • 3F-1: The last old currency and a save point, Save game
  • 3F-2:complete the old currencies puzzle in room 3F-2
  • 3F-3: Something will happen there, don’t remember if you have to interact with something in the middle of the room
  • 3F-5: you will start here


  • Go to 1F-4 and pick the dusty, pick the key in 3F-6 (downstairs), and go to 2F-5
  • 2F-5: Pick the chopsticks, to the left of the room is where you need to place them, first place the dusty, then the chosticks on top, you will get the water
  • 3F-7: interact twice with the right chair to unlock an scene
  • 4F-2: Piece of paper+
  • 3F-5: give the water to Xixi (left of the room)
  • 4F-1: Ahother piece of paper, pick the matches and use them in the candles of the table (interact = view, to unlock an scene), another piece of paper on the table
  • 3F-4: Piece of music partiture

Piano Puzzle

  • 3F-3: Piece paper inside a box, use the secuence of the music partiture on the piano = 115566544332211
  • It is not a bad idea to Save Game again in 3F-1, in our first gameplay we had to start a new game because the next step was blocked
  • Go back to 4F-1, go left, and upstairs

Yume Walkthrough – 2nd Save Point

  • 5F-1: Another piece of paper, interact with the bed to unlock an scene, another piece of paper right of the bed, and SAVE, the final rooms are hard
  • 5F-2: Interact with the desk in the middle
  • 5F- 3: Go left and solve the papers puzzle, run to the right and solve the Locker code = YUME, run to the right and solve the puzzle making the path from the start to the exit, press the button when you complete it, go right, interact, and go some steps to the left to interact with the new open path on the floor to reach the Ending
  • If you don’t have all the gallery unlocked, Load from the last save and run out of time before leaving

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  1. Hey ad, I really love the game Indecent desires but I get stuck at the task “check Sarah’s room on Saturday afternoon. Eventhough I check her room on Sat Afternoon but nothing happen whatsoever. And then I cant do nothing to pass that task, and worse I cant open my map, although the icon “map” appears on the interface but when I press it, it doesnt open, like, nothing happens, and it frustrated me alot I dont know how to fix it, can you help me through it pls

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