Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Badeea Ali Answers

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Badeea Ali Answers

Last Updated on 23 October, 2021

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Badeea Ali Answers – All the Questions & Answers – Meal, Quidditch, Drink Butterbeer & Wizarding Levels

Other Characters’ answers: Penny Haywood, Tulip Karasu, Liz Tuttle, Jae Kim, Diego Caplan, Charley Weasley, Ben Copper, Barnaby Lee, Andre Egwu, Rowan Khanna, Nymphadora Tonks, Bill Weasley

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Badeea Ali Answers – Meal

All the Meal Questions and Answers:

Name a wizarding band…
The Hobgoblins
The Bent-Winged Snitches

Name a wizarding playwright.

Who’s on a Chocolate Frog Card? – Question
Magenta Comstock.
Walter Crane.

Name a famous wizard painter…
Rodrick Plumpton
Amos Diggory

Name a famous magical painting…
Witch and Wizard Couple
Godric’s Hollow at Night

Name a famous wizarding poet…
Ingolfr the Iambic

Quidditch questions – Gobstones

All the Quidditch Questions and Answers:

You might win…
I might fall asleep (better)
I might die of boredom.

I’d better stay awake…
I’ll ask Binns to come lecture (better)

I’ll sing you a lullaby.

Wait until you see this move…
Sorry, I was nodding… (better)
It was quite boring.

Don’t try to bore me…
Let’s discuss Arithmancy.
Let’s discuss History of Magic (better)

Let’s join the Gobstones Club.
(better) Let’s stare at the ground
Let’s think boring thoughts.

How do you like Gobstones? – Question
I don’t have an opinion (better)
I prefer taking a kip.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Badeea Ali Answers – Drink

All the Drink Butterbeer Questions and Answers:

Who’s my Head of House? – Question
Professor Flitwick.

What advice did I first give you? – Question
Think outside of the box.

Who told you about me? – Question
Nearly Headless Nick

Who did I paint when we met? – Question
Beatrice Haywood.

What was I doing when we met? – Question
Painting portraits.

Where did we meet? – Question
Clocktower Courtyard.

Wouldn’t it be better to practise? – Question – Question
Answer: You practise loads

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