Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Diego Caplan Answers

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Diego Caplan Answers

Last Updated on 23 October, 2021

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Diego Caplan Answers – All the Questions & Answers – Meal, Quidditch, Drink Butterbeer & Wizarding Levels

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Diego Caplan Answers – Meal

All the Meal Questions and Answers:

How should a duel begin?
The combatants face and bow.

Name a proper duelling spell…

Duelling is important for which job?

What spell can protect you?

What does a “second” do?
Take over if you die.

Name a champion dueller…
Professor Flitwick

Name a famous duel
Dumbledore vs Grindelwald

Quidditch questions – Gobstones

All the Quidditch Questions and Answers:

You might beat me…
I’m a better dueller too (Better)
I’m a better dancer too.

I’d better concentrate…
What about Expelliarmus? (Better)
What about Tarantallegra?

Look at this move…
Look at my duelling trophy… (Better)
Look at my dance shoes…

Let’s join the Gobstones Club.
Let’s go to the Duelling Club (Better)
Let’s start a Dancing Club.

How do you like Gobstones?
It’s cooler than duelling (Better)
It’s cooler than dancing.

Don’t try to distract me…
I challenge you to a duel! (Better)
I challenge you to a dance-off!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Diego Caplan Answers – Drink

All the Drink Butterbeer Questions and Answers:

Who first told you about me?
Merula Snyde

Who’s my Head of House?
Professor Sprout

What’s my surname?

Where did we meet?
The Training Grounds

What did I compare a duel to?
A dance.

What spell did I use first?

What is my goal?
To become a Duelling Champion

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