Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Jae Kim Answers

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Jae Kim Answers

Last Updated on 23 October, 2021

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Jae Kim Answers – All the Questions & Answers – Meal, Quidditch, Drink Butterbeer & Wizarding Levels

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Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Jae Kim Answers – Meal

All the Meal Questions and Answers:

What magic can they do?
Levitate objects.
Disarm opponents.

What are Elves most similar to?

How do you free a House-Elf?
Get clothes from their master.

What is a House-Elf’s status?

Who do House-Elves serve?
Their master’s family.
Their master.

Who got them in the Kitchens?
Helga Hufflepuff

How can House-Elves travel?

Name some sorts of detention…
Polishing silver.
Cleaning out bedpans.

What privileges can be taken?
Suspension from Quidditch.
Forbidden from Hogsmeade.

What items are banned?
Auto-Answer Quills.
Fanged Frisbees.

What’s a standard punishment?
Removing privileges.
Taking House Points.

Who can take House Points?

What follows expulsion?
Your wand is destroyed.
You’re removed from the school.

What can get you expelled?
Casting spells in front of Muggles.

Quidditch questions – Gobstones

All the Quidditch Questions and Answers:

Let’s play, (Character Name)…
Let’s talk about banned items…(Better)
Let’s discuss detention instead.

Let’s join the Gobstones Club.
(Better) Let’s take over Knockturn Alley.
Let’s turn our lives around.

I’d better concentrate…
But what about getting rich? (Better)
But what about getting expelled?

How do you like Gobstones?
It’s better than anything illegal (Better)
It’s better than detention.

Don’t try to distract me…
I work at Borgin and Burkes (Better)
I have a contact in Azkaban.

You might beat me…
I might take over your business (Better)
I might become a House-Elf.

Look at this move…
look at my vault at Gringotts (Better)
loot at the banned items list.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Jae Kim Answers – Drink

All the Drink Butterbeer Questions and Answers:

What do we do in the Kitchens?
Wash dishes.
Make sandwiches.

What place do I try to avoid?
The Library.
Filch’s Office.

Where do I smuggle items from?
Knockturn Alley.

What’s the name of our boss?

Where did we meet?
The Kitchens.

Who’s my Head of House?
Professor McGonagall

What’s my surname?

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