Hell is Others Map (2024)

Hell is Others Map

Last Updated on 29 March, 2024

Hell is Others Map – Full HQ Map with loot areas, vendor & quest NPCs, Monsters and Daily Deals, a quick and easy reference for use during raids

Hell is Others Map – Full Map

High resolution map, click to enlarge

This single image is intended to serve as a convenient and quick reference during raids in ‘Hell Is Others.

The enhanced map still has the original map legend and has colored Points of Interest for resources and NPC locations.

Added information columns on the right, two. First, a monster guide listing every thing with information on their heart size, additional drops, health, and kill credit. the whole list of product categories that Octave, the vendor, will purchase each workday.

Hell is Others Map – Loot, NPCs & Monsters Info

Loot Areas

The tale is given under “Century City” on the right side of the map, and loot is numbered and packed according to the item kind.

Vendor & Quest NPCs

  • With names and color coding Vendor + Quest NPCs are a little darker than quest-only NPCs.
  • Deacon, Maggie, and Glen are quest-only NPCs with a limited range of locations. A thin box in their approximate area is denoted by a coordinating color.
  • The third “Bullets, Shrooms” box shows where the quest-only NPC Mia may be found in each of the three parks.


The following information may be found in the vertical Monster Info strip to the right of the map, which is arranged from smallest to largest heart size.

  • Reference picture of every item that a monster might drop. edible blue-colored blech mushrooms.
  • Gain per kill in monster’s beginning Health Credit Score

Daily Deals

The vertical Daily Deals Info strip on the far right lists the different kinds of in-game items that Octave, an outside-of-raid dealer, will purchase from you each day. By entering your inventory (by default: Tab) and looking in the middle left of your screen, you may determine the day at any time, whether you’re in a raid or not.

Consider the current day and the next day item type lists while choosing what treasure to save for selling because, following a raid, you’ll probably want to sleep.

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