Smalland Survive The Wilds Map (2023)

Smalland Survive The Wilds Map

Last Updated on 10 July, 2023

Smalland Survive The Wilds Map – High resolution map and indications to find the main resources of the game

Smalland Survive The Wilds Map Map – Full Map

This is the map, click on the image to see it larger and with high resolution

Resources Locations

Although we have indicated the areas on the map, these are the biomes where you will find certain resources:

  • Chitin : bugs – not ants.
  • Silk : spider cocoons or killing spiders see west to north west of map you can’t miss the webs
  • Flint : sea shore primarily
  • Insect fur : bees
  • Seeds : Rye, Poppy, Mauve, Foxgrass – if it looks like it has a seed it probably does.
  • Metal : North West, I found plenty in what looked like old storm drains near where Nox is
  • Honey Crumble : bees, you will find a lot around by Dust
  • Bones : gecko’s – around where the Rhino Beetle is (west shoreline) will also give Herptile Hide
  • Clay : no idea currently will keep hunting though
  • Petals and Nectar : Poppys

About Smalland Survive The Wilds

Go through road crevices the size of lakes, climb trees the size of skyscrapers, and explore a vast open world from a fresh angle. Investigate thick jungles, perilous swamps, and weird remains from other eras. Learn how to live in this enormous wilderness by gathering lore and information from hidden Characters that are dispersed around the land.

Learn how to make recipes that will enable you to ride and tame a variety of animals. Jump great distances on a grasshopper’s back, fly through the air like a damselfly, or dash from one location to another like a spider. You have the power to rule this world and all of its inhabitants.

Play with your pals in multiplayer mode, which supports up to 10 people. Together, you may explore, battle, create, and survive in the wilderness.

Build your encampment using a variety of materials, from leaves and twigs to strong stone, by scavenging or refining resources. Build at your own location or scale huge trees to stake out a settlement at the top.

Build up a collection of potent armors that give you skills and resistances, then mix and match them to create a unique look. Fly in the air while wearing wing armor, use a grappling hook to hang from tree to tree, and a lot more.

Ants, cockroaches, beetles, wasps, and spiders all consider you as a potential meal because they are lower on the food chain than the majority of the critters you come across. Seasons and weather are constantly changing, therefore planning is essential if you want to live another day.

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