Hello Neighbor 2 All Museum Keys

Hello Neighbor 2 All Museum Keys

Last Updated on 8 December, 2022

Hello Neighbor 2 All Museum Keys – Wing Key, Heart Key, Book Key and Gear Key – All the locations to get all the keys you need

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Hello Neighbor 2 All Museum Keys – Wing Key

This key is obtained in the Bakery, in Act 2, you have to find the 4 buttons with numbers that are missing from the cash register and then press them in this order > 1-5-7-6, to get the buttons:

  • 1: Take the key from the baker’s pocket > open the fridge > take the cat’s food > give it to the cat
  • 5: Go to the room under the balcony > door on the left > grab the red wheel > go up to the balcony > enter the bathroom > turn on the boiler using the red wheel > use the scissors on the bush in the middle of the balcony
  • 7: Clock room (2nd floor) > scissors on the tapestry of a heart > make the clock strike 10:35
  • 6: Check the Frozen Key guide, because this one is the hardest

If you need a more detailed guide check the Cash Register Puzzle guide

Hello Neighbor 2 All Museum Keys – Heart Key

In the museum, you must place the 3 model houses (red, yellow & Blue) on the Map, get the safe key and open the door that is just behind

  • Red: It’s just to the right of the map
  • Blue: Go to the exit door > locate the display > break the glass with the crowbar and run out
  • Yellow: Next to the previous one, and the same steps, but you will have to cut the web first with scissors

If you need a more detailed guide check the Model Houses Puzzle guide

After unlocking the door of the map room you will need a few more steps to get the heart key, we leave you a specific guide with steps to get it > Heart Key

Hello Neighbor 2 All Museum Keys – Book Key

After starting Act 3 and solving several puzzles you will have to find the fragments of the map. When you place them you will know where the safe is, whose code is 80164. Inside it is the Book Key, necessary to advance on the upper floor of the Museum

Gear Key

After starting Act 4, which takes place inside the Mayor’s Mansion, you will have to collect a series of trophies and place them in their place to obtain the steering wheel, with which you will access a secret room where the Gear Key is located.

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