High Priest Magnus Exorcismus Build in Ragnarok Origin Complete Guide

High Priest Magnus Exorcismus Build in Ragnarok Origin Complete Guide

Last Updated on 21 August, 2023

High Priest Magnus Exorcismus Build in Ragnarok Origin Complete Guide. Unlock the full potential of your High Priest with the Magnus Exorcismus build in Ragnarok Origin. Our guide covers all you need, from the right stats, skills, to equipment choices. 

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Introduction to Magnus Exorcismus Build

Magnus Exorcismus, an AoE spell, can deal serious damage while ensuring decent sustain. To master this build, you need to optimize your stats, skills, and items to give you the best advantage. So, strap in as we navigate through the intricacies of the Magnus Exorcismus build.

Stats for Magnus Exorcismus Build in Ragnarok Origin

To achieve an efficient High Priest Magnus Exorcismus build, you must prioritize the correct stats.

Importance of INT, DEX, and VIT

The primary stat to focus on is INT. This increases your magic damage, which is crucial as you progress in the game. Meanwhile, DEX and VIT are also essential, but not to the extent of INT. By boosting DEX, you can decrease the casting time for spells and skills. Meanwhile, increasing VIT enhances your survivability, preventing you from becoming a glass cannon.

Skill Tree for Magnus Exorcismus Build in Ragnarok Origin

The skill tree is the backbone of your build. Let’s take a closer look at the key skills for each job.

Acolyte Job (1st Job)

Key Skills

  • Holy Light (level 5)
  • Heal (level 10)
  • Blessing (level 10)
  • Angelus (level 10)
  • Increase Agility (level 5)

The Core Skills of Acolyte

Let’s start by exploring the fundamental skills that an Acolyte holds. These include:

Holy Light (level 5)

This is your primary weapon against Undead and Shadow monsters. This spell delivers a powerful, single-target strike of Holy Magic Damage. The more intense the battle, the more powerful your Holy Light!

Heal (level 10)

Your Healing spell is not just a lifesaver for you, but also your ally. It restores a substantial amount of HP, with 30% of your Magic Damage converting into the healing amount. Remember, the greater the Magic Damage, the more substantial the healing effect.

Blessing (level 10)

A quintessential support spell, Blessing elevates your STR, DEX, and INT stats by 10 for 10 minutes. Since DEX and INT are your primary stats, feel free to bless yourself with this spell as often as you can.

Angelus (level 10)

Angelus is your shield in troubled times. It boosts your or an ally’s DEF by a whopping 95% for 10 minutes. Call upon Angelus when you’re in a pickle.

Increase Agility (level 5)

Increase Agility, a passive skill, lets you move faster with a 25% bonus MSPD. Combine it with items that boost your movement, and you’re the Usain Bolt of Ragnarok Origin!

Priest Job (2nd Job)

Key Skills

  • Magnificat (level 1)
  • Resurrection (level 4)
  • Turn Undead (level 5)
  • Aspersio (level 2)
  • Zen Heart (level 10)
  • Magnus Exorcismus (level 10)
  • Safety Wall (level 10)
  • Gloria (level 5)

Magnificat (level 1)

Magnificat doubles the Magic Recovery of everyone in your team for 30 seconds. Imagine the collective power you can muster with this!

Resurrection (level 4)

Revive an ally back to life with 80% of their HP using Resurrection. The catch? You’ll need 1x Blue Gemstone to perform this miracle.

Turn Undead (level 5)

Turn Undead is your trump card against the Undead enemies. It either delivers a Holy Damage nuke or insta-kills them. Keep in mind the 10% chance of instant kill doesn’t apply to bosses.

Aspersio (level 2)

Power-up your or your allies’ weapon with a Holy attribute using Aspersio. This skill not only increases general damage but also deals an extra blow to Undead and Demon monsters.

Zen Heart (level 10)

This passive skill boosts your SP Recovery and enhances the effects of SP Recovery items by 150%. Use it with Meditatio and Mana Recharge to dispatch multiple spells.

Magnus Exorcismus (level 10)

This skill is the cornerstone of your build. It deals 867% of Holy Magic Damage for 14 seconds in an AoE. Use this spell judiciously due to its high SP cost and cast time.

Safety Wall (level 10)

This skill creates a protective barrier that blocks 10 instances of all incoming Physical damage, making it a fantastic ability to safeguard yourself or an ally from formidable foes.

Gloria (level 5)

Gloria is a support skill that increases all your teammates’ LUK by 30 for 60 seconds.

High Priest Job (3rd Job)

Key Skills

  • Meditatio (level 10)
  • Mana Recharge (level 10)
  • Assumptio (level 5)
  • Suffragium (level 3)
  • Holy Ward (level 10)

Meditatio (level 10)

This passive skill enlarges your SP pool by 10% and amplifies SP Regen by 30%. It also increases the Heal spell effect by 20%.

Mana Recharge (level 10)

Mana Recharge reduces the SP cost of all your skills by 20%. It’s your key to unleashing an endless stream of spells.

Assumptio (level 5)

Assumptio raises all allies’ MDEF and DEF by 75% for more than 3 minutes, acting as an enormous protective barrier.

Suffragium (level 3)

Aid your allies by cutting the cast time for a single spell by 45% using Suffragium.

Holy Ward (level 10)

This passive skill pushes your Holy Damage up by 20%.

Equipment for Magnus Exorcismus Build in Ragnarok Origin

Your gear plays an essential role in maximizing the potential of your Magnus Exorcismus High Priest.

Your gear for Magnus Exorcismus will depend on the RNG gods’ drops and your ability to purchase and upgrade certain items. Aim for items that enhance your ability to deal damage and withstand enemy attacks.

Essential Gear Characteristics

Prioritize equipment that reduces SP consumption and increases SP recovery. Moreover, items boosting MATK, MDMG, and primary stats (INT, DEX, and VIT) are beneficial.

Noteworthy Items

The Holy Stick is an essential item, providing several benefits specifically for the Magnus Exorcismus spell. Another valuable piece of equipment is Spring Mail, which increases mobility.

Conclusion: Becoming a High Priest

With the right stats, skills, and gear, you can truly maximize the potential of a High Priest Magnus Exorcismus build. It’s a journey, but with patience and practice, you’ll master this build and become a force to reckon with.


High Priest Magnus Exorcismus Build in Ragnarok Origin Complete Guide questions, official web link:

  1. Which spell can I use to increase movement speed in the Acolyte job?

The “Increase Agility” spell can increase your movement speed by 25%.

  1. What is the primary function of the “Turn Undead” spell in the Priest job?

“Turn Undead” is mainly used to inflict high Holy Damage or instantly kill Undead enemies.

  1. How does the “Assumptio” spell work in the High Priest job?

“Assumptio” boosts all allies’ MDEF and DEF by 75% for more than 3 minutes.

  1. Which item do I need to use the “Resurrection” spell in the Priest job?

You will need 1x Blue Gemstone to cast the “Resurrection” spell.

  1. How can I improve my Holy Damage in the High Priest job?

The “Holy Ward” passive skill increases your Holy Damage by 20%.

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