Mastering Pet Equipment in Ragnarok Origin Easy Guide

Mastering Pet Equipment in Ragnarok Origin Easy Guide

Last Updated on 21 August, 2023

Mastering Pet Equipment in Ragnarok Origin Easy Guide. Learn to equip, train, and enhance your pets for superior performance. 

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Mastering Pet Equipment in Ragnarok Origin Easy Guide

Master the art of pet equipment in Ragnarok Origin with our easy guide. Learn to equip, train, and enhance your pets for superior performance.

Pets and cosmetics serve as the soul of your character, bringing an unmatched level of authenticity and excitement to your gaming experience. These virtual companions not only add character to your gameplay but also mirror our real-life affection for pets. Ragnarok Origin offer an engaging pet system that lets you capture, nurture, and equip your pets with unique armor.

Outfitting Your Pets with Armor in Ragnarok Origin

Once you’ve successfully tamed a pet in Ragnarok Origin, a diverse range of equipment becomes available to enhance their abilities. Your pets can wield weapons, don armor, hats, shoes, and even accessories like pendants and bracelets. Each item comes with distinct stats, potentially boosting your pet’s performance in battle.

Just like in the real world, not all pets in Ragnarok Origin are created equal. Certain pets outrank others, with some earning the coveted ‘S-tier’ status, while others fall within lower tiers. Equipping your pets with the appropriate gear can significantly increase their potential, paving their way to glory.

The game also offers opportunities for additional pet training, improving their combat skills. Depending on your gaming strategy, you might want to train your pet to excel in strength, agility, DEX, or INT. Upgrading your pet’s equipment is straightforward – simply select the item and hit the ‘enhance’ button. If you manage to collect a full set of gear, you can unlock even more abilities for your pet.

Navigating the Pet Menu in Ragnarok Origin

Accessing the pet menu in Ragnarok Origin is a breeze. Simply click on the pet menu icon situated in the top right corner of your screen. Summoning your pet requires a Great Pet Voucher and a Pet Certificate.

  • For those aiming for legendary pets, a Super Pet Coupon will be your ticket.

Regular pets can be accessed using standard Pet Coupons. Moreover, there are specific codes available that can help you secure more Pet Coupons, enhancing your pet collection.

Ragnarok Origin goes beyond mere gaming; it offers an immersive virtual experience where you can nurture, train, and equip pets, paralleling the emotional bond we share with our pets in real life. This guide serves as your roadmap to mastering pet equipment in Ragnarok Origin, propelling your gameplay to extraordinary heights.

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