Honkai Star Rail Guide to Unlocking Free Characters

Honkai Star Rail Guide to Unlocking Free Characters

Last Updated on 2 May, 2023

Honkai Star Rail Guide to Unlocking Free Characters. Discover how to unlocking all free characters in HSR & enhance your gaming experience without spending a penny.

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Honkai Star Rail Guide to Unlocking Free Characters

HoYoverse, offers players a thrilling gaming experience without the need to spend any money. The game is packed with an array of free characters that players can unlock as they progress. This article serves as a easy guide to unlocking all the free characters.

Unlocking Free Characters in Honkai Star Rail: Easy Guide

Follow our guide to unlock all the free characters in Honkai: Star Rail and make your gaming experience even more enjoyable.

1. The Main Character: Your First Playable Character

The Main Character is a versatile 5-star character that players receive early in the game. You can choose between a male or female avatar, similar to Genshin Impact. Although this character is free for all players, their true strength in comparison to other 5-star characters remains a mystery.

2. March 7th: A Sturdy 4-Star Support Character

Unlock March 7th, a valuable 4-star support character, by progressing through the main story. March 7th offers essential defensive utility with her shields, making her an excellent addition for players seeking a defensive advantage.

3. Dan Heng: A Powerful 4-Star Single-Target DPS

Obtain Dan Heng, a 4-star character, by advancing in the Honkai: Star Rail main story. You’ll receive him during the initial tutorial quests, along with March 7th. Dan Heng excels in single-target DPS, making him an effective nuker when facing a limited number of enemies.

4. Qingque: A Versatile 4-Star Character

Unlock Qingque, a 4-star character, by completing specific objectives. Players must reach Trailblaze Level 21 and clear the Forgotten Hall – Memory Stage 3. The Forgotten Hall, akin to Genshin Impact’s Spiral Abyss, challenges players to assemble two teams of four to tackle difficult battles.

5. Asta: A 4-Star Support and Buffer Character

Asta, a 4-star character, is guaranteed to join your team during the Warp tutorial. With a free Star Rail Pass, players receive Asta as their first pull on the Stellar Warp banner. As a buffer, Asta boosts the attack and speed of her allies.

6. Serval: A Pre-Registration Reward 4-Star Character

Serval, a 4-star character, is a free pre-registration reward. If you haven’t received her yet, check your in-game mailbox to claim Serval, a free avatar, 20 Star Rail Passes, and 100,000 credits.

7. Natasha: A Free 4-Star Healer

Unlock Natasha, a 4-star healer, by completing the Jarilo-VI quest. Having a free healer on your team is always a valuable asset.

8. Herta: A 4-Star Character from the Simulated Universe

Obtain Herta, a 4-star character, by completing World 2 of the Honkai: Star Rail Simulated Universe. This free character is a welcome addition to your roster.

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