House Flipper Console Commands & Hotkeys

House Flipper Console Commands & Hotkeys

Last Updated on 30 June, 2022

House Flipper Console Commands & Hotkeys – Enable cheats, and all available cheats with hotkeys and console commands

House Flipper Console Commands & Hotkeys – Enable Cheats

Steps to enable console commands & hotkeys:

  1. Go into your save game
  2. press ` and ~
  3. Enter the code “iddqd”
  4. Leave the pause screen
  5. Cheats are now enabled, to open console just press ` in-game

Now take a look at the console commands and hotkeys you just unlocked

House Flipper Console Commands & Hotkeys

Some hotkeys give the same results as the commands, and are easier to use, but there are exclusive cheats of the commands


Once you have activated the cheats, you can press any of these keys without opening the console, and you will achieve the following

  • F3: All the tools
  • F5: Adds Money
  • F8: improve tools
  • F9: Complete the mission (press Enter if it doesn’t work)
  • Left Alt + Y: Enables no clip
  • Left Alt + Z: Time Scale
  • ,: changes language left
  • .: changes languaje right
  • Left Alt + J: Not sure

Console Commands

Once you have activated the cheats, you can press any of these keys after opening the console, and you will get the following

  • help: all the  available commands
  • shotgun: Replaces your hammer with a shotgun
  • cut: Cuts and replaces all the grass on the lawn
  • hello: Prints “Is it me you looking for?”.
  • skillu: All 9 perk points for each skill
  • lumos: Turns on all lights.
  • nox: Turns off all lights.
  • echo: Prints “echo”.
  • noclip: Enables noclip
  • hideversion: Hides the extra debug text on the lower left corner.
  • addMoneyToBankAccount: Adds Money
  • confluence: Support guide for the game.
  • quicksun: faster Day and night cycle
  • slowsun: In-game time toggle
  • realsun: Toggles real-time sun
  • stopsun: Day all the time
  • reset: Reset you in front of the gate
  • highlights: Toggles highlights when hovering over an object.
  • courses: Not sure, unknown command
  • expect100: Not sure, unknown command
  • orders: Not sure, unknown command
  • flush: Not sure, unknown command
  • skilll: Not sure, unknown command
  • find: Not sure, unknown command

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  1. One of these commands removes the assembly of items (so they’re placed and when clicked, immediately assembles), places walls, tiles, panels and paint immediately and also removes the “usage” of tiles etc (ex, if you have 10 tiles in your hand, it doesn’t use any of them when tiling a room) however I can’t remember which one it is. It could either be “courses” or “flush”

  2. Y’all need to tell more about the cheats I tried to enter the help but it doesn’t work non of them does just the iddqd I have money on my game I just added $141,963,018.24 but the rest of them can’t get to work.

  3. Y’all need to be specific on the other commands because it doesn’t tell me anything on how to use them. Like help do we type it in or what same with the other ones to.

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