How to Add Friends in Call Of Duty Mobile?

Add Friends in Call Of Duty Mobile

Last Updated on 1 September, 2022

In this guide we will explain you how to Add Friends in Call Of Duty Mobile, how to invite them to a Match, spectate them and more

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Add Friends in Call Of Duty Mobile – How to Add?

These are the steps to add a friend in COD Mobile, you just need his/her nickname:

1- Go to the main screen of COD Mobile and tap the Social or Friends button. Is on the top of the screen, to the left of the settings button

2- Go to the Add Friends Tab (the right one), click on Input the Name, and type the name of your friend. If you have entered the name correctly, your friend will appear belo

3- Tap on the yellow button and you will sent a request to your friend. Once your friend accept the request he/she will appear in the Game Friends Tab.

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Add Friends in Call Of Duty Mobile – How to Spectate?

1- Once you have friends in the Game Friends Tab, friends who have already accepted your request, go to the Game Friends Tab.

2- There you have 4 options (to the right of your friends avatar). The second one, the eye icon, allows you to spectate him/her if he/she is playing.

How to Invite a Friend to a Match in COD Mobile?

Once you have friends added to the Game Friends tab, enter to a game mode. On the right side of the screen you will see “Invite Friends X/Y”, where “Y” is the friends you have, and “X” is the number of friends online.

If you have friends online, tap on Invite Friends and then tap on the “+” button (to the right of your friend’s avatar). He/She will have 10 seconds to accept your invitation for that match.

Videoguide – Add Friends CoD Mobile

If you have any doubt check this video. Is a step by step guide from the youtuber skripter:

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  1. You need to update this info dude. Now after typing the friend’s name you want to add and search, when you hit the yellow request, it brings up a box that asks for a verification code – what is that???

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