How to Beat Level 10 in Apeirophobia

How to Beat Level 10 in Apeirophobia

Last Updated on 10 September, 2023

How to Beat Level 10 in Apeirophobia – Step by step guide, both in text and video, to complete Level 10 of the Roblox game of Polaroid Studios

How to Beat Level 10 in Apeirophobia

In case you don’t know how to complete the chapter and you need a walkthrough to help you, we’ll explain it step by step and in the next section we’ll leave it to you on video.

After dealing with level 9, you will be sent to a level comparable to the parking roof. Level 10 requires you to solve a pretty basic puzzle. Small structures with entrances may be found in each of the map’s four corners. Each door is secured with a lock. And all you have to do is discover the appropriate key.

Although there are four entrances on the level, only one is functional. As a result, you must either rely on chance or open all four locks. Keys may be discovered on lockers placed across the map. And this is where Level 10’s issues begin.

Two massive creatures patrol the map on this level. They will rush at you to murder you as soon as they spot you. Level 10 is really challenging since these monsters are continually murdering you.

Level 10 may be completed in two ways. The first method is only available while playing with buddies. When the monsters spot you, you can hide in the lockers to avoid being caught. However, if you play alone, creatures will continually stroll about your locker, leaving you helpless. As a result, your companion must distract the monster so that you may escape.

Level 10 may be completed even if you play alone. You must listen to any noise to do this. When monsters walk, they create a lot of noise. And, whenever you hear footsteps, you must run in the opposite direction of the sound. Also, keep looking into the darkness to spot the monster from a distance.

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Level 10 Apeirophobia Map

A Level 10 Map, click on the image to enlarge

Map by: Saved#0037

Video Guide – Walkthrough & Speedrun

In case any of the explanations is not enough and you are stuck at some point of Level 10, we leave you this video guide and Speedrun of Neekoft in which you will see how to complete it from start to finish through gameplay

About Apeirophobia Level 10: Centered around the exploration and documentation. Stuck inside endless rooms, being watched from every corner. Brace yourself for puzzles to solve, and entities to hide from. escape from reality

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