How to Beat Level 4 in Apeirophobia

How to Beat Level 4 in Apeirophobia

Last Updated on 10 September, 2023

How to Beat Level 4 in Apeirophobia – Step by step guide, both in text and video, to complete Level 4 of the Roblox game of Polaroid Studios

How to Beat Level 4 in Apeirophobia

In case you don’t know how to complete the chapter and you need a walkthrough to help you, we’ll explain it step by step and in the next section we’ll leave it to you on video.

Level 4 takes players to the Sewers area, which serves as a filler portion in the game. There are no opponents in this region, therefore there is nothing to be concerned about when walking through the dimly lit corridors. However, the region is still rather large, so you may need some time to finish it.

The key to finishing level 4 is to keep going straight through the halls until they reach a labyrinth. Please keep in mind that there are two stairs in this section, and you should take the second one to escape. When players reach the maze, things become a little more difficult, but they may quickly escape by remaining to the left. You will then come to another hallway that will bring you to the exit.

To obtain the Simulation Core, turn right after entering the maze and look for a Simulation Core a few tiles away.

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Level 4 Apeirophobia Map

A Level 4 Map, click on the image to enlarge

Map by: Saved#0037

Video Guide – Walkthrough & Speedrun

In case any of the explanations is not enough and you are stuck at some point of Level 4, we leave you this video guide and Speedrun of Neekoft in which you will see how to complete it from start to finish through gameplay

About Apeirophobia Level 4: Centered around the exploration and documentation. Stuck inside endless rooms, being watched from every corner. Brace yourself for puzzles to solve, and entities to hide from. escape from reality

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