How to get Nemesis Simulacra in tower of fantasy

how to get nemesis simulacra in tower of fantasy

Last Updated on 31 October, 2022

How to get Nemesis Simulacra in Tower Of Fantasy. In this post we explain how to get Nemesis in ToF. 

Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy is an artificial replica of the character on the weapon you will use in the game. Each has their own story and strength, Samir and King focus on DPS, Huma and Meryl on defense, and Cocoritter and Nemesis on support. Nemesis and her weapon Venus are one of the most coveted character/weapon combos in Tower of Fantasy, thanks to the power and utility of their kit.

Read on to find out how to get them!

How to get Nemesis Simulacra in Tower Of Fantasy?

The only way to get Nemesis during the Tower of Fantasy release phase is through the Rebirth of Clemency event. Running three weeks after the game’s global launch, the event follows the same rules as the standard banner gacha system, which uses black and gold cores, except that it has a unique currency — red cores — that puts it beyond the standard pair used. There are only two ways to get Red Cores: buy them with Black Crystals or buy them in Premium Currency Limited Item Packs.

For every 10 Red Nuclei you spend, you have a very low (up to 2%) chance of awarding an SSR weapon, and in the Rebirth of Clemency event, each drawn SSR weapon has a 50% chance, the Nemesis. Since you’re guaranteed to get an SSR weapon after spending 80 Red Nuclei on gacha pulls, you have a 50% chance of getting Nemesis at this point.

If you’re unlucky and 80 pity can’t pull her, you can keep pulling in Rebirth of Clemency, possibly getting Nemesis again, or wait until you have 120 Fire Gold and buy her outright. The way you get flame gold is like black gold: per Red Nuclei you spend. Maximizing your SR weapons to 6 stars will give you extra fire gold each time you draw one, and up to 12 extra fire if you maximize all your SR weapons before drawing the limited event banner gold.

About Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is a 3D “split world” action role-playing game played in a third-person perspective. Players control a customizable character avatar, interact with non-player characters and other entities, and collect items as they travel through the open virtual world. Player characters can run, jump, sprint, climb, swim and equip various vehicles to move around the world.

The character’s special moves, other than sprinting, are limited by a regeneration stamina bar, which will slowly drain if he continues in this movement pattern. As player characters interact with the world and story, they gain experience points before drawing limited event banners, increasing their level and boosting their combat stats.

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