How to get Samir Simulacra in Tower Of Fantasy

how to get samir simulacra in tower of fantasy

Last Updated on 31 October, 2022

How to get Samir Simulacra in Tower Of Fantasy – In this post we explain how to get Samir Simulacra in ToF. 

Samir is a beautiful SSR Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy, and you can get Dual EM Stars as a weapon. Her dual EM Stars guns allow you to hunt down enemies and bosses at great distances, which is handy for all kinds of enemies. Acquiring Samir can be challenging as there are few ways to do it, and even these depend on your luck. How to get Samir Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy? We explain it below.

How to get Samir Simulacra and Dual EM Stars in ToF

There are two ways to get Samir Simulacra and Dual EM Stars in the Tower of Fantasy: use special orders and defeat the world boss. Remember, these methods don’t guarantee Samir, but give her a small chance.

Special Orders

Tower of Fantasy has a special order mechanism that allows you to use in-game currency to earn random rewards, including a chance to get Samir Simulacra and her Dual EM Stars. There are two kinds of special orders; temporary and regular. If Samir is available for limited time orders, please consider purchasing. If not, you should stick to the normal special order.

Defeating world bosses

Another way to get Samir Simulacra and Dual EM Stars is to loot world boss chests. To defeat each world boss, you must team up with other players; otherwise, defeating them is nearly impossible. Also, you should carry powerful weapons against the respective world bosses to have a better chance of defeating them. Below are some of the world bosses you can defeat in Tower of Fantasy.

  • Robarg
  • Frost Bot
  • Lady Lucia
  • Apophis
  • Sobek

These bosses are very powerful and you should beat them at their level. The lowest level boss Robarg is level 24, so you must be at least level 24 to farm for world bosses. After defeating one of them, use the perfect decipher for a chance to get Samir Simulacra & Dual EM Stars.

About Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is a 3D “split world” action role-playing game played in a third-person perspective. Players control a customizable character avatar, interact with non-player characters and other entities, and collect items as they travel through the open virtual world. Player characters can run, jump, sprint, climb, swim and equip various vehicles to move around the world.

The character’s special moves, other than sprinting, are limited by a regeneration stamina bar, which will slowly drain if he continues in this movement pattern. As player characters interact with the world and story, they gain experience points before drawing limited event banners, increasing their level and boosting their combat stats.

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