How to Prepare Bounties for the Witch Queen in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen

Last Updated on 12 November, 2022

How to Prepare Bounties for the Witch Queen in Destiny 2: Small guide to know how to do it in Destiny 2 with some steps & tips about the Game

Requirement: You will need “Destiny 2: Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack” You can get it here

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How to Prepare Bounties for the Witch Queen in Destiny 2 – Bounty Stacking

You must complete several bounties but not turning them in, cause you need to acumulate them. Multiple bounties from different NPC’s will allow you to get a huge amount of Experience, that is used to upgrade the seasonal artifact (when expansion release, veteran players usually do). So we are revealing the best way to reach a good level at the begining of the season, even if is a new expansion of Destiny 2 instead a begining of the season, you can do it. So accumulate all bounties to change them for a bunch of Experience to start expansion in the best possible way.

How to Prepare Bounties for the Witch Queen in Destiny 2 – Stack Bounties

It is quite simple, to stake bounties you only need to play. is the worst part? Obviously we love to play, and to be the best at the game we need to play. For that reason stacking bounties is something that all of us are good at. In game we can complete many weekly bounties, also we can accumulate daily bounties. Each character can hold a total of 63 bounties at any given time. There is a space that you can fill with many bounties, so what are you waiting for? Weekly bounties fill more space than daily. Use daily bounties to occupy the rest of the space.

In the following list, you can check a list of recommended NPC´s (will give you tons of bounties), could be the best selection have you ever seen!

Weekly bounties of these NPC´s are quite huge, will give you awards 12k experience.

  • Variks: 3 different weekly bounties (location Europa)
  • Shaw Han: 2 different weekly bounties (location Cosmodrome)
  • Eris Morn: 3 different weekly bounties (location Moon)
  • Lectern of Enchantment: 2 different weekly bounties (location Moon)
  • Saint-14: 9 different weekly bounties (location Tower)
  • Hawthorne: 8 different weekly bounties (location Tower)
  • Lord Saladin: 7 different weekly bounties (location Tower during Iron Banner)

This is a small video where you can see how to do it fast (thanks to youtuber Sweatcicle)

If you want a huge video, for a extremly preparation, check this video if you still have any doubt (thanks to youtuber Sweatcicle)

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