How to get the Simulacra king in Tower Of Fantasy

How to get the simulacra king in tower of fantasy

Last Updated on 31 October, 2022

How to get the Simulacra King in Tower of Fantasy – In this post we explain how to get King Simulacra in ToF. 

King is one of the SSR Simulacra with powerful sytche in Tower of Fantasy. As an SSR Simulacra, he is very powerful and his weapon is one of the most interesting. When it comes to winning the king for yourself, there are a number of things you can try, but they all depend on luck. In other words, there is no guaranteed way to get King; instead, you can do your best and hope it happens. This guide briefly covers all the ways to get King.

How to get the Simulacra King in Tower of Fantasy?

King Simulacra and weapons can be obtained in two ways: special banners and world bosses. But like I said, it’s all up to your luck, neither option guarantees simulacra and weapons.

Special Banners

Special banners are like lottery tickets you pay with in-game currency, they give you random rewards including SSR characters. Tower of Fantasy has four special banners; some have a better chance of rewarding you with King Simulacra, while others don’t so much – mainly the types of banners are divided into temporary banners and standard banners, which are always available. You should try your luck with the standard King banner, but if a limited-time banner includes a King, you’re better off using one of the two limited-time banners.

World Bosses

Another way to get King Simulacra and weapon is to get loot after defeating world bosses. There are a total of six world bosses for you to try to defeat. The world bosses are all at different levels, so you don’t have to worry about being a low-level player. Here is a list of bosses you can beat easily with the help of a proper guide.

  • Robarg
  • Frost bot
  • Lady Lucia
  • Apophis

Once you’ve defeated one of the world bosses, loot the chest with the perfect decipher for a chance to get a random SSR King Simulacra and weapon.

About Tower Of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is a 3D “split world” action role-playing game played in a third-person perspective. Players control a customizable character avatar, interact with non-player characters and other entities, and collect items as they travel through the open virtual world. Player characters can run, jump, sprint, climb, swim and equip various vehicles to move around the world.

The character’s special moves, other than sprinting, are limited by a regeneration stamina bar, which will slowly drain if he continues in this movement pattern. As player characters interact with the world and story, they gain experience points before drawing limited event banners, increasing their level and boosting their combat stats.

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