How To Increase Charisma In Lost Ark?

how to increase charisma in lost ark

Last Updated on 21 December, 2022

How To Increase Charisma In Lost Ark – In this little guide we show you how to increase the charisma in lost ark, and what are the keys to do it. 

The most deceptively useful stat in almost any RPG environment, including Lost Ark, is charisma. Does it improve your ability to cast magic and smash things? No, however it does make a difference in how NPCs perceive and react to you. A smiling and a pat on the back can sometimes accomplish more than a sword ever could. Here’s a guide for increasing your charisma in Lost Ark.

How To Increase Charisma In Lost Ark

Along with Kindness, Courage, and Wisdom, Charisma is one of the four virtues that define your character in Lost Ark. Your Rapport level, which determines how the game’s NPCs feel about you, is directly tied to your Charisma stat. The NPCs won’t trust you if your rapport is too low, and if they don’t trust you enough to engage in conversation, you can forget about completing objectives.

In Lost Ark, your virtue points are typically automatically distributed across your four virtues whenever you gain them. There are a few ways to explicitly increase Charisma, while any Virtue boost you may receive will have a net positive effect on it. In Lost Ark, you can increase your virtue in the following ways:

  • Complete sidequests and missions
  • Chat up NPCs
  • Consume Potions
  • Complete Una’s Tasks
  • Unlock Achievements
  • Equip Gear

Sidequests and Missions

You can increase your charisma mostly via completing quests. The most of quests, whether they are sidequests, quick tasks, or hidden substories, will grant you a general Virtue increase once you’ve finished them. Before completing a task, you can see what kind of prizes you’ll receive for doing it, so be sure to read the fine print.

Chat Up NPCs

Your rapport level will progressively rise as you chat with the various NPCs in New World. As I before said, your Charisma directly influences your Rapport, granting you access to more tasks and discussion options. If an NPC trusts in you sufficiently, there’s a good chance they’ll assign you a quest with a chance of earning you additional charisma. More quests, rapport, charisma, and so forth. A wonderful little feedback loop, that is.

Consume Potions

Do you really need to be far more charming? Drink some! I don’t mean alcohol, but a Charisma Potion. If you come across any Charisma Potions while exploring, you can chug one to immediately add 10 points to your Charisma stat. There is no reason not to simply consume these potions since they cannot be traded or sold.

Complete Una’s Tasks

If there aren’t any missions or quests you can finish to increase your virtue, try Una’s Tasks. Daily and weekly updates of Una’s Tasks are made, and they have an equal chance of rewarding accomplishment with boosts in Virtue, including Charisma.

Unlock Achievements

You’ll progressively get access to Achievements as you progress through Lost Ark for things like completing significant tasks or hitting certain milestones. Every achievement has a reward when unlocked, and if you’re lucky, that gift will be a title that increases your Charisma. Once you’ve unlocked a Title, you’ll always benefit from it.

Equip Gear

Gear is your best friend if you just temporarily need to be more charismatic. As long as you have certain pieces of gear on, they can temporarily increase your Charisma stat. More significant Charisma benefits, up to an additional 20 points, can be found with rarer equipment items.

In Lost Ark, increasing your Charisma stat is crucial because it ensures you’ll always have access to fresh interactions and quests.

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