Lost Ark Carrot and Stick Quest

Lost Ark Carrot and Stick Quest

Last Updated on 13 July, 2022

Lost Ark Carrot and Stick Quest – Find the Secret Fishing Spot, Catch x3 White Belly and open the hidden chest with the Splendid Key

Requirement: You can start the Carrot and Stick Quest after speaking with the injured Kir in Lost City. It is a fishing mission and you will have to find a specific location, but below we will solve all your doubts

Lost Ark Carrot and Stick Quest – Steps

These are the steps to complete the Lost Ark carrot and Stick Quest:

  1. Complete the Fearsome Man Eating Monster Quest and talk to Injured Kir in the Lost City zone. Ask Kir about the secret fishing spot and find it.
  2. Finding the secret fishing spot: You can find it between two dead ends on the left side of the Lost City Map, but it’s hidden behind a breakable wall. There are two treasure chests right in front of the breakable wall, and they are the best clue we can give you to find it.
  3. Break the wall with an attack and catch x3 White Belly Fish there
  4. Go back to Kir and give gim the x3 White Belly Fish
  5. Final step: Cheer for Kir, use /cheer to play the cheer Emote
  6. You will get the Splendid Key of Oblivion to open the chest hidden in a secret area as reward (check the video, below, for the hidden chest)

Secret Fishing Spot – Video Guide & Location

If after our words you have any questions about how to find the secret fishing spot, check out this guide where you can see how to get there (00:36). The guide is from Heroic Mizu, and in it you can also see how to find the hidden chest (8:58), requires the Splendid Key of Oblivion

We hope that this guide has been helpful to you, you have found the Secret Fishing Spot, Captured the x3 White Belly Fish, and opened the hidden chest with the Splendid Key

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