Raid Bulletin Board Lost Ark – Where to Find

Raid Bulletin Board Lost Ark

Last Updated on 13 July, 2022

Raid Bulletin Board Lost Ark – Where to Find it and additional requirements to enter a raid,Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate

You have probably reached the Find the Guardian quest and don’t know where to find the Raid Bulletin Board. Since the truth is that the game does not give many clues and you can spend hours searching the cities before finding it, but don’t worry, for that we have prepared this guide

Raid Bulletin Board Lost Ark – Location

We are not going to make an infinite guide because it is quite simple:

Go to Vern Castle (Northern district of the Military District) and find the Raid Bulletin Board near the Royal Guard

But there is a requirement, you must have completed the Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate quest if you want to interact with the bulletin board and enter a raid. If you completed it and it does not let you enter a raid, in your inventory look for the document and sign it. Like almost all the certificates in the game, even if you have already obtained them, as long as you do not sign them they are useless

Once you have the signed certificate you should be able to talk to the NPC next to the Bulletin board and access raids

Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate Location

If you have yet to complete the Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate, it is found in Vern Castle, but is only accessible after completing the Afterimages of the Rift quest.

Once you complete it, don’t forget to sign the document (from your inventory) to be able to enter a raid

We hope that this guide has been useful to you and that you are already doing raids, one of the best activities in the game to progress with your character. And also probably one of the funniest

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