Pearl Glosshide – How To Get It In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

pearl glosshide

Last Updated on 24 January, 2023

Pearl Glosshide – This article will show you how to obtain Pearl Glosshide in MHR Sunbreak.

The most recent expansion to the game is called Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. For endgame gamers, this expansion introduced a completely new set of quests. Players will need new Materials in order to improve their Gear after Sunbreak, which also introduces new Quests. The Pearl Glosshide is one such material that makes its debut with MHR Sunbreak. I’ll explain how to get Pearl Glosshide in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak in this guide.

How to Get Pearl Glosshide In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, there are a few different ways to get Pearl Glosshide. These include:

  • Completing Missions on the Khezu Monster Fight
    • Targeting it. (This has a 16% chance of yielding Pearl Glosshide)
    • Capturing it. (This has a 15% chance of yielding Pearl Glosshide)
    • Breaking a Leg. (This has a 100% chance of yielding Pearl Glosshide)
  • Beating Khezu
    • Carving the Body. (This has a 37% chance of yielding Pearl Glosshide)
    • Dropped from Khezu. (This has a 50% chance of yielding Pearl Glosshide)

In MHR, Khezu is a Large Flying Wyvern. When you participate in Master Rank Hunts, Khezu will give you Pearl Glosshide. It is the best and, to be very honest, the only technique to obtain Pearl Glosshide. You can get some Pearl Glosshide during the Hunts by finishing the above-mentioned Quest Tasks. Also, breaking its Leg is the only guaranteed way to obtain the Pearl Glosshide. You can collect most of the resources needed to make the Khezu Armor Set by participating in these hunts few times.

Pearl Glosshide is the main aspect of the Khezu Armor Set. To create the Set, a total of 12 Pearl Glosshide are required. The amount you will require is as follows:

  • 4 Pearl Glosshide – Khezu Helmet.
  • 4 Pearl Glosshide – Khezu Mail.
  • 1 Pearl Glosshide – Khezu Greaves.
  • 3 Pearl Glosshide – Khezu Coil.

Everything in this had to do with finding Pearl Glosshide in MHR Sunbreak. This guidance has hopefully been useful to you. See you soon!

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