New World PvE Weapon Tier List – Best Weapons for PvE Ranked

new world pve weapon tier list

Last Updated on 1 December, 2022

New World PvE Weapon Tier List – In this article we’ll show you a tier list with the best weapons for PVE content in New World. Are you ready? Let’s go there!

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New World PvE Weapon Tier List

New World PvE Weapon Tier List – Tier S

  • Rapier: Lightning-fast one-handed weapon with saucer burst and slashing damage. Good movement skills make up for the lack of shields.
  • Life Staff: As a basic healer and secondary weapon, it’s essential in any PVE environment, especially in group content.
  • Bow: The ubiquitous bow relies on doing a lot of damage in a short amount of time. The best choice for mobility and ranged combat.
  • Fire Staff: The best AoE weapon in the new world, and therefore one of the best PVE weapons.

Tier A

  • Sword & Shield: What they lack in direct damage, they make up for in durability. It’s always a good idea to have tanks in PVE.
  • Spear: A versatile weapon that can be used in close and long-range combat due to its range. This essentially allows the spearman to take on both roles as needed.

Tier B

  • Warhammer: The most destructive yet slowest melee weapon in the game. They provide decent CC and single target damage.
  • Void Gaunlets: Best used for debuffs, she’s more powerful than most other weapons, but still not the worst choice for a party.
  • Musket:  It has the highest ranged damage in the game, but this is offset by a long reload time. This can hurt in PVE as more monsters come at you.
  • Blunderbuss: Due to the limited damage spread and range, it can cover more creatures at once, but requires constant reloads. Therefore, it was outshined by the fire staff.

Tier C

  • Great Axe: On paper, the split and self-healing aspects should be great for PVE, but in practice, the Great Axe is nowhere near as powerful as the spear would bring when it was better.
  • Ice Gaunlets: These Gaunlets are low damage and suitable for CC applications. However, their throughput is far from sufficient for PVE content.
  • Hatchet: It has decent speed and damage output, but all other one-handed options are much better than the humble Hatchet.

About New World PvE

After choosing your character class in an MMO game, the next big decision usually comes down to your loadout choices. The New World is no exception, and choosing the best weapon for the job is critical. Of course, your own play style is also important as all players will have personal preferences. In New World’s PVE content, some weapons work better than others, which develops the game’s weapon metadata. In this guide, you can read how we ranked the best PVE weapons in the New World based on a ranking format.

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