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metal hellsinger best weapons

Last Updated on 27 October, 2022

Metal Hellsinger Best Weapons – How to get and equip the best weapons of the most metal shootem up of the moment.

Metal Hellsinger Best Weapons Ranked

Tier Weapon
S The Hounds – Cerberus & Orthrus
A Persephone – Queen Death, Vulcan – Soulbreaker
B Paz – The Pulse of The Universe
C Hellcrow – The Traitor Sovereign, Terminus – The unknown’s Blade

Metal Hellsinger Best Weapons  Tier List

Tier S

The Hounds – Cerberus & Orthrus

Ultimate: Echo Of Death

Turn strangers into the fastest gunners in hell with these accurate and powerful double-barreled revolvers to prove yourself in almost any situation.

With a fairly fast reload, blazing fire rate, and enough damage that even projectile-throwing Cambions only need a few rounds, the Hound can handle any situation.

Even better, Ultimate spawns a copy of The Unknown that will cause any demon that gets too close. The decent range also means you can take out Metal: Hellsinger’s more formidable enemies from a distance with this weapon.

The focus on accuracy means the reticle is not as forgiving as the Persephone, but the shortcomings are easily overcome by adjusting the aiming.

Tier A

Persephone – Queen Death

Ultimate: Seventh Seal

Possibly a controversial choice, considering the more exotic weapons in Metal: Hellsinger, Persephone is the classic shotgun imbued with the power of the Underworld protagonist.

Like any self-respecting shotgun, Persephone fires a cluster of bullets with substantially greater dispersion than single-bullet weapons like hounds. Set to music, Persephone’s shots can take out multiple enemies in one shot, which comes in handy when things get hectic and you need a little breathing room.

Persephone has one of the highest ammo capacities in the game and an ultimate weapon that takes out even elites with a single shot. Reloading is slow, and the range is rather meager, but if you equip it with something that can take out distant enemies, such as hounds, you’ll be covered for any eventuality.

Plus, there’s nothing more satisfying than listening to Persephone reloading to the beat of a riff.

Vulcan – Soulbreaker

Ultimate: Fate

An angelic heavy crossbow said to have been plundered from the heavens, the Vulcan fires bolts that explode on impact, causing substantial damage to any demon unfortunate enough to cross its path.

As far as tools for wiping out a horde of enemies before they get close, the Vulcan is the best. It also has a monstrous range and is reasonably forgiving when it comes to accurately aligning your reticle.

Add to that the ability to use it as a makeshift launching pad when shooting below you, and it’s a versatile addition to any team. That is, if you can work with reloading every other shot and using a non-damaging ultimate ability that clumps enemies together and is only beneficial in some situations.

Tier B

Paz – The Pulse of the Universe

Ultimate: Thunder and Hell

Our chatty skull friend is more or less useless as a weapon, but don’t let this discourage you from using Paz. After all, Paz is one of the fixed charge weapons, so we can put her to good use.

Its utility is to set enemies up for the kill. Firing a handful of shots staggers enemies, allowing you to launch yourself for a quick, health-boosting massacre.

When you’re out of combat, shooting Peace to the beat of the music keeps your rage multiplier up, which helps carry a x16 into the next fight without fear of losing its damage boosting benefit. Paz’s ultimate ability Thunder and Inferno can turn the tables when the number of enemies starts to get too large. It crystallizes all demons within its range. Killing one kills them all.

Tier C

Hellcrow – The Traitor Sovereign

Ultimate: A Murder of Crows

The Hellcrow is a duo of metal crows that you’ll pick up early in the game. At first, not having to reload and dealing decent damage seems appealing, but the Hellcrow is quickly outclassed by better Metal: Hellsinger weapons, such as the Hounds and the Vulcan.

Its short range and the need to be extremely accurate when firing make it more trouble than it’s worth in most cases. A powerful ultimate weapon that shreds enemies when timed correctly enhances the Hellcrow’s profile, but that alone is not enough to merit a permanent slot in your team.

Terminus – The Unknown’s Blade

Ultimate: Infernal Solo

Lastly, we have Terminus, The Unknown’s starting weapon. It’s not bad, but the problem is that it’s a melee weapon among a sea of better weapons and other projectile-throwing options.

While Terminus is fun and capable of inflicting a lot of damage, especially with Inferno Solo’s ultimate ability, using it puts you in more danger than necessary, especially when the other weapons at your disposal don’t.

About Metal Hellsinger Best Weapons

Hell is tough, but luckily it’s metal: Hellsinger arm you with an arsenal suited to slaying the best demons in the underworld.

With different ultimates, fire rates, and ranges, there’s something for every playstyle. But as is often the case with shooters, not all Metal: Hellsinger weapons are created equal.

Some shine in any situation, while others don’t make enough of an impact to make them worthwhile. You have six weapons at your disposal, and with only four slots in your loadout (two of which are already occupied), you can make a choice.

We’ve compiled a list of the best weapon tiers for Metal: Hellsinger to help you choose.

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