Splatoon 3 Best Special Weapons – Tier List

splatoon 3 best special weapons

Last Updated on 19 November, 2023

Splatoon 3 Best Special Weapons – Tier List – Find out which special weapons can change the course of your splatoon 3 match. Read on for more details!

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Splatoon 3 Best Special Weapons – Tier List – Best Ranked

A set of weapons in Splatoon 3 consists of three parts: a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, and a special weapon. While you primarily use your primary weapon in combat and the Inklawn, your special weapon is a powerful weapon that can turn the tide of battle. You might be wondering what the best special weapons are in Splatoon 3.

Tier Special Weapon
S Tacticooler, Tenta Missiles, Triple Inkstrike, Trizooka
A Booyah Bomb, Ink Storm, Reefslide, Ultra Stamp, Wave Breaker, Zipcaster
B Big Bubbler, Inkjet, Killer Wail 5.1
C Crab Tank, Ink Vac

Tier S


Tacticooler is without a doubt the best support stunt in Splatoon 3. The stunt won’t damage or stain the floor, but it’s more beneficial than makeup. Once deployed, any of your teammates (including you) can have a drink and increase movement speed, ink regeneration, and more. Make sure to keep them in a place that is easily accessible by your team for maximum benefit.

Tenta Missiles

Tenta Missiles are a tried and true special weapon that combines damage, control, and ink into one neat package. It can target multiple enemies at the same time, forcing them to move or get covered in a lot of ink. Before using it for maximum efficiency, you’ll want to make sure you’re eyeing multiple enemies.

Triple Inkstrike

In terms of firepower, Triple Ink Strike has abundant firepower. Just throw in a marker and watch the ink rain, deal massive damage and color lots of lawns. This special feature is quick and easy to use, meaning you can resume the action with your primary weapon while your opponent tries to dodge the impending ink blast


Trizooka is a devastating weapon when used properly. Fortunately, it’s easy to use because all you have to do is aim and pull the trigger. You can fire three shots, which means you can take out multiple enemies or target one particularly troublesome enemy. At close range, hitting the target becomes easier; just don’t get too close, as you might feel a little unsure about using the Trizooka.

Tier A

Booyah Bomb

The Booyah Bomb is a singular special that requires team cooperation to succeed. Adding to the effectiveness of this explosive is a booyah, or heightened ink coverage, which can be achieved through team contributions. This weapon deals substantial damage and inked skin damage alone; however, by coordinating with its carrier, this bomb can be lethal.

Ink Storm

Ink Storm is a great tool for controlling the battlefield and putting pressure on your opponents. It moves slowly and deals low damage over time, meaning your opponent can easily outrun it. But the more favorable effect is that it covers a large area of ​​the ground, forcing your opponent to stay out of the way. Used correctly, you can collect splashes from fleeing enemies.


Fun and dangerous, the Reefslider lets you jump on the back of exploding dolphins and dash across the stage. It works best on flat ground and when you have a clear line of sight to your opponent. Aim at enemies and activate to charge at them. Most of the time, you can catch at least one splash, as it does a lot of damage and is hard to avoid.

Ultra Stamp

Ultra Stamp is a very powerful tool for inking and splashing floors. It takes quite a while and lets you hunt down multiple enemies and traverse the map. But it has two flaws: Holding the ZR can be unwieldy and leaves you exposed from the back and sides.

Wave Breaker

Wave Breaker is a great special feature best used in chaotic situations. Once activated, it emits a constant shock wave that can quickly crush enemies. While they can jump over the rings, it’s hard to concentrate in skirmishes, meaning your opponent has to focus on dodging breakwaters or avoiding you.


The Zipcaster is something of a unique special. It can be used both offensively and defensively, but always provides incredible movement. It can quickly reach behind enemy bases or high platforms, and retreat in case of difficulty. Be careful where you activate it, because when it runs out you’ll be back there.

Tier B

Big Bubbler

On paper, the Big Bubbler is a great special weapon and very helpful. This is great for panic moments, to protect you from being splashed, or to provide some protection for your teammates. The downside is that your opponent can shoot it to take it down quickly, so just push it into the bubble as the big bubble won’t stop the enemy from getting in.


Inkjet has many advantages, but it also has one distinct disadvantage. The most obvious benefit is that it gives you a vertical advantage over your enemies. This allows you to paint the ground below you while shooting at enemies. However, it makes you an instant target, and the slow speed of an inkjet makes you a sitting duck, especially for rechargeable weapons.

Killer Wail 5.1

Killer Wail 5.1 isn’t a bad special, but it takes a lot of work to get the hang of it. When activating the target, you must aim and keep the enemy within sight. When you do this, this special feature will automatically lock onto that target and fire a homing beam on it. This allows you to move and attack freely, but requires precise aiming that gets in the way.

Tier C

Crab Tank

The crab tank is a bland feature that should be better than that. While it provides extra defense, unless you roll into a ball, you’ll be a slow-moving target. But if you do, you can’t shoot halfway. This means you’re often stuck between engaging but taking more damage, or being unable to retaliate when defending.

Ink Vac

The Ink Vac has one major flaw: it requires your opponent to attack to be truly effective. Absorbing the enemy’s ink is a defensive stunt that takes effect after absorbing the ink. But when your opponent realizes you popped the Ink Vac, they can stop the attack and nullify it. That being said, if you need desperate rescue to avoid getting splashed, that’s fine.

About Splatoon 3

Enter the region of Tintelia, a desert area with a scorching sun inhabited by battle-hardened inklings and octolings. Tintelia, the city of chaos, is the frenetic heart of this barren and dusty land.

Territorial combats* are the order of the day even in this desolate environment and battles take place in new scenarios located in the surroundings. New dynamic moves help these fighters evade attacks and cover more territory by throwing ink with a new bow-shaped weapon.

Join Agent 3 in his fight against the unruly Octarians in the story mode. Discover the secrets of Alterna, the peeling plasma and how they connect to the theme of the “Return of the Mammalians” mode.

Team up to defeat waves of the dangerous large Salmonids in the next version of the Salmon Run* co-op mode that contains fresh new features.

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