New World PvP weapon tier list – Best Weapons for PvP Ranked

new world pvp weapon tier list

Last Updated on 10 January, 2023

New World PvP Weapon Tier List – Choose the best weapons to play in PvP in New World with this list of levels that we present to you. Keep reading and don’t miss any detail!

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New World PvP Weapon Tier List

New World PvP Weapon Tier List – Tier S

  • Rapier: Extremely fast and extremely high thrust and slam damage, this one-handed weapon is a true “slasher by a thousand cuts” in PVP.
  • Ice Gaunlet: In PVP, proper crowd control is one of the most important aspects of high-level combat. And that’s where the Frost Gauntlet shines.
  • Life Staff: The best weapon for healing and support, its use is as important in PVP as anywhere else. You cannot kill unless you are alive.
  • Sword & Shield: There are more ways to control the fight than pure CC, with swords and a board you can survive long enough to make any fight work in your favor.

Tier A

  • Spear: The versatility of spears shines in PVP. You can adapt to your opponent’s playstyle and weapon of choice, and exploit their weaknesses
  • Fire Staff: The sheer destructive power of fire magic naturally has its place in the PvP arena. Correct positioning plays a vital role in realizing your full potential.
  • Bow: With its fast rate of fire and good maneuverability, the bow lets you pierce your foes with arrows (and poison) from a distance.

Tier B

  • Great Axe: Self-healing is very important in PVP, and the Great Axe is a solid choice for sustainability and damage. It was blocked due to slow speed.
  • Voice Gaunletts: Debuffs and hex are important in PVP if you have a good game plan, but you can’t expect your enemies to play where those gloves come off.
  • Blunderbuss: This weapon can give you an easy win, or it can backfire completely and lead to a loss. It all depends on the opponent’s setup, making it an unreliable option.

Tier C

  • Warhammer: It can do a lot of damage, which is cool, but if it needs to swing forever, what’s the point?
  • Hatchet: The axe is a good weapon, but far from great. When Sword and Shield is there, you shoot yourself in the foot with it.
  • Musket: This weapon can deal a lot of damage on hit, but suffers from the same issues as the Warhammer. They will be chopped into pieces on reload.

About New World PVP

Ultimately, great performance in any player-to-player content depends on the skill of the player. Still, we feel that choosing the right tool for the job is as skilled as pushing a button. So it’s a good idea to at least know what you’re facing or what you’re exercising and how they compare. This is how most PVP content works in the game, and it’s the same as MMO in New World. It’s better to walk into a PVP arena with the knowledge and the right weapons than to walk in blindly and wonder what’s going to happen next. Meta plays a big role in choosing the best weapons, so we’ve ranked the best PVP in the New World.

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