Outward Rune Combos guide

Outward Rune Combos

Last Updated on 14 July, 2022

Outward Rune Combos – A guide with recipes to get the best rune combinations and get more powerful effects

Outward Rune Combos Guide – Runes & Intro

You can learn Rune Magic from Flase, Sage Trainer in the city of Berg

To cast Rune Magic you need to equip Lexicon or Great Runic Blade, or to learn Internaliced Lexicon

There are 4 runes (red, purple, Blue & Green), and first of all you need to know what each one is

  • Shim = Red rune
  • Egoth =  Purple rune
  • Dez = Blue rune
  • Fal = Green rune

Now that you know the runes, let’s combine them to get better effects

Outward Rune Combos Guide – Spells

Simple Combinations & Combos

Simple combinations & combos require x2 Runes

  • Blue + Purple – Runic Protection: +15 physical resistance, +2 Protection & Runic Prefix:
    • +5 physical resistance (total 20)
    • +1 protection (total 3)
    • +10 elemental damage resistances
  • Red + Purple – Runic Blade: 28 ethereal damage and 12 impact, Runic Prefix
    • Sword comes imbued with Divine Light Imbue
  • Green + Blue – Runic Lantern: A magical hands-free Lantern which lasts for 300 seconds, Runic Prefix
    • Gain additional 150 seconds of lantern
  • Red + Green – Runic Trap: Deals 70 ethereal damage and 100 impact, Runic Prefix:
    • Adds 30 decay damage to the blast

Advanced Combinations & Combos

Advanced combinations & combos require x1 Simple combination + x2 Runes, and the Arcane Syntax passive Skill

  • Runic Protection + Purple + Blue – Runic Heal: Consumes your Runic Protection to restore x40 health, Rnic Prefix:
    • Additionally restores 2 health per second for 10 seconds
  • Runic Blade + Red + Purple – Greater Runic Blade: eals 39 ethereal damage and 19 impact, runic Prefix:
    • Sword comes imbued with Greater Decay Imbue
  • Runic Trap + Red + Red – Runic Detonation: Deals 70 ethereal damage and 150 impact, runic prefix:
    • Add 40 decay damage to the detonation blast
  • Runic Lantern + Green + Red – Runic Lightning: fast-moving Lightning projectile (+55 Lightning damage & 30 impact), Runic Prefix:
    • Deals additional 10 lightning damage (total 65)

Arcane Syntax Passive Skill

Is one of the Rune Sage Tier 3: Specialization Skills, and requires to learn the Tier 2: Breakthrough skill. Rune Sage skills are trained by Flase, Sage Trainer in the city of Berg

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