Pathologic 2 Achievements Guide

Pathologic 2 Achievements Guide

Last Updated on 16 September, 2023

Pathologic 2 Achievements Guide – Road to 100% – Guides to unlock all achievements, with locations, video guides, tips and more

Pathologic 2 Achievements Guide – Solutions

These are all the achievements and what you have to do to get them:

  • It’s Over = Collect all other trophies (Playstation only)
  • On the Run = Complete Grief, Rubin, Notkin, and Lara’s quests on Day 1 before 20:00, and head to the quest marker outside of Lara’s house.
  • In Kind = On Day 1, speak to the girl sitting on the box in Notkin’s warehouse; she’ll give you toast and milk. On Day 2, speak to her with toast in your inventory and then choose to give her the toast.
  • Carpetbagger = On Day 1, after speaking to the Bachelor in Rubin’s apartment, exiting, and speaking with the Soul-and-a-Halves, reenter Rubin’s apartment and speak to the Bachelor again.
  • Fate No More = During the dream on Day 1, when fighting the Haruspex’s three attackers, allow the attackers to kill you.
  • Heavenly Train = After 18:00 on Day 2 or later, speak to the kids at the Station. They will explain to you how to summon a ghost train. Follow the nearby train track that curves westward and wait at the end of it until you hear a train passing by.
  • We’re Only Looking = During the Door dream on Day 2, turn around from where you spawn and speak with Measly and Thrush
  • Rotten Tooth = Talk to Sticky on Day 5 to receive the quest to speak with the chemist in the Stone Yard. Speak with the Chemist and then with Victor. After that, find the house with Maria and speak to her
  • Another Sky = On Day 10 or later, climb up the stairs of the Polyhedron.
  • Farewell = Receive the quest to speak with Aglaya after 20:00 on Day 10. Agree to flee with her and then meet her at the train station after 02:00 on Day 11. Walk back to the Town after the following events.
  • One for All = Speak to Lara, Grief, and Stakh during the Diurnal ending. Each character’s quests must be completed throughout the game and they must not otherwise succumb to the Sand Plague. You must also test the Panacea before the Inquisitor’s arrival on Day 7 and speak to Rubin at the Train Station on Day 11.
  • No Reflection = Speak to all reflections, including those of:
    • Day 1: Grief
    • Day 3 early morning: Aspity
    • Day 6: Alexander and Katerina
    • Day 10: Aglaya
    • Day 10: Lara
    • Oyun
    • The Town
  • L’appel du Vide = Become infected and hear the Plague speak.
  • Clockwork = Save the game in the Cathedral by using the hourglass on the second floor.
  • Whee! = On Day 10, ascend the Polyhedron and walk off from the point marked by the origami crane near the top.
  • Magic Lantern = On Day 3 or later, go to the Nutshell with one piece of metal scrap in your inventory. Fix the lantern.
  • Victoria’s Trace = Starting on Day 4, you will hear piano music from some houses around the Town. Go inside three of these houses and speak to the NPCs inside.
  • Doctor’s Risk = Use the Panacea on yourself.
  • Ticking Away = Finish the Prologue and begin Day 1.
  • Alarm Bell = On Day 3, wait until the alarm bell tolls at 19:00. Attempting to visit the Bachelor will expedite the tolling.
  • Comes the Inquisitor = Reach 07:30 of Day 7.
  • Comes the Commander = Reach 07:30 of Day 9.
  • Adam = During the Abattoir dream on Day 10, name the Albinos.
  • Three Graces = Speak to Anna, Eva, and Maria over the course of Days 4 through 6.
  • More Than Meat = On Day 6, in the Backbone Grocery near the Town Hall, tell Big Vlad to close the shop.
  • Umbilical Cord = On Day 6, speak with the children at the Train Station and select the dialogue option that suggests that you know someone who can help destroy the train tracks. Speak to Bad Grief, and then meet him at the train tracks after midnight.
  • Parcels of Life = Save two babies from infected houses during Act 3 and return them to the Town Hall. Anna Angel must be alive and uninfected for Act 3 to get this achievement.
  • Tag = Trade with children twenty-seven times
  • Not a Dream = On Day 9, complete the Abattoir quest with Living Blood in your inventory.
  • Nocturnal Ending = On Day 11, burn the Inquisitor’s Orders or retrieve them and wait until 22:00.
  • Diurnal Ending = On Day 11, bring the Inquisitor’s Orders to the Town Hall on Day 11, destroy the Polyhedron, and take blood from the Earth’s wound.
  • Late = Fail to retrieve the Inquisitor’s Orders before 22:00 on Day 11.
  • Deal = After 7 deaths, speak with the Fellow Traveller and accept his deal to remove all death consequences, and then reach the end of the game.
  • Mute Curse = Starting on Day 2, speak with Maria and Capella at the Nutshell. Leave the building; Clara will be awaiting behind the door to curse you.
  • His Grace = On Day 7, complete Grace’s quest, allow Dora to take Grace to a safe place, and meet Grace in Peter’s loft.
  • Wonder Bull = Purchase the Bull on Day 1 and speak to him on Day 11.
  • Pantomimes = Watch every pantomime
  • Big Heart = Speak with Zurkhen’s Big Chamber while infected during the Abattoir quest on Day 9.
  • Clear Conscience = On Day 2, speak with a member of the Kin sitting on the cart outside the Termitary and accept their money. Go to Aspity’s during the early morning of Day 3; speak with the Kin member again and agree to return the money.
  • Dream On = Witness all Dreams during a single
  • Time waits for no one = Reach Day 2.
  • Time is merciless = Reach Day 3.
  • Life has become shorter yet = Reach Day 4.
  • Days grow shorter = Reach Day 5.
  • Nights grow shorter = Reach Day 6.
  • Seconds slip through your fingers = Reach Day 7.
  • You can’t hold to the past = Reach Day 8.
  • You’ll soon run out of time = Reach Day 9.
  • And nothing will remain = Reach Day 10.
  • Time has worn out = Reach Day 11.
  • Imago = Finish the game without adjusting the difficulty slider from “Intended Difficulty.” (PC only)

Pathologic 2 Achievements Guide – Descriptions

These are all the achievements and the descriptions that the game gives to get them:

  • It’s Over = Collect all Pathologic 2 Trophies
  • On the Run = Come now, you haven’t given us any time to change the set!
  • In Kind = Repay kindness in kind
  • Carpetbagger = Remind a colleague of the Hippocratic Oath—and fail
  • Fate No More = Refuse fate—and face the consequences
  • Heavenly Train = Try your hand at train-summoning
  • We’re Only Looking = Meet Measly and Thrush in a dream
  • Rotten Tooth = Find a house suffering from an ailment other than sand pest
  • Another Sky = Witness another Sky
  • No Reflection = Disperse all Reflections
  • L’appel du Vide = Hear the Plague’s voice
  • Clockwork = Touch the thing that produces time
  • Whee! = Jump from the Polyhedron
  • Magic Lantern = See the Town’s history on the walls
  • Victoria’s Trace = Find out if the immortal soul exists
  • Doctor’s Risk = Test the new serum on yourself
  • Ticking Away = Feel the flow of time for the first time
  • Alarm Bell = Hear the alarm bell tolling
  • Comes the Inquisitor = Witness the arrival of Aglaya Lilich
  • Comes the Commander = Witness the arrival of Alexander Block
  • Adam = Give names to all who are tongue-tied and mute
  • Three Graces = “Why? What was the purpose of my life?”
  • More Than Meat = Lock up a shop to preserve a memory
  • Umbilical Cord = Wait with a friend for the next day to come
  • Parcels of Life = Save two children from infected houses
  • Tag = Trade with children twenty-seven times
  • Not a Dream = Bring something invaluable to the outside world
  • Nocturnal Ending = Preserve monsters, wonders, and the plague, reviving the past
  • Diurnal Ending = Preserve the Town of humanity and warmth, giving it a future
  • Late = Be late to the ending of your own story
  • Deal = Make a deal with the Fellow Traveller for some relief from death’s burden—and find out what it cost you
  • Mute Curse = Become cursed to remain silent… sometimes
  • His Grace = Find Grace’s new home
  • Wonder Bull = Wait for the bull to speak
  • Pantomimes = Watch every pantomime
  • Big Heart = Be cured of sand plague by touching the Heart of the Town
  • Clear Conscience = Return what you didn’t deserve
  • Dream On = Witness all dreams—including those you’d rather not
  • Time waits for no one = Tick-tock
  • Time is merciless = Tick-tock
  • Life has become shorter yet = Tick-tock
  • Days grow shorter = Tick-tock
  • Nights grow shorter = Tick-tock
  • Seconds slip through your fingers = Tick-tock
  • You can’t hold to the past = Tick-tock
  • You’ll soon run out of time = Tick-tock
  • And nothing will remain = Tick-tock
  • Time has worn out = Tick-tock
  • Imago = Finish the game on intended difficulty

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