Unpacking All Achievements Guide

Unpacking All Achievements Guide

Last Updated on 21 September, 2023

Unpacking All Achievements Guide – Road to 100% – Guides to unlock all achievements, with locations, video guides, tips and more

Unpacking All Achievements Guide – Solutions

What you have to do to unlock each achievement

  • Make some memories: Story Related – 1997
  • Solve a puzzle: In 1997, you will unpack a Rubik’s Cube, press B 5 or 6 times
  • Blast some tunes: Place the unpacked radio on the ground and then press B
  • Beginning: Complete 1997 level
  • Strike a pose: Bedroom in 2004 > Unpack the doll > While holding the doll press B until you unlock it
  • A sometimes food: Unpack the cookie Jar and place it in a high enough (2004 is the easiest)
  • Electrical hazard: Place the toaster or radio in the Tub or Shower
  • Get smart: Complete 2004 level
  • Game on: 2007 Living Room > unpack a controller and a GameCube console > Place the console under the TV and with your cursor on the TV press B
  • Hat on head: Bedroom 2007 > Unpack baseball hat > place it on the mannequin head (Dining room, move the camera)
  • Fellowship: Complete 2007 level
  • Tidy whities: Bedroom 2010 > Top 2 drawers > Move all the underwear to one of the drawers
  • Brew some coffee: In 2010, you need to place all the equipment to brew coffee on the counter (Bag of Coffee, Coffee Mug, Sugar, Coffee Grinders, Scale, Instant Water Boiler, Drip Coffee Pot, and Long Neck Kettle)
  • Too cool: Complete 2010 level
  • Rediscover childghood: 2012, in your old bedroom > get the rolled up poster (cabinet) and place it on the wall
  • Home cooking: Complete 2012 level
  • 12:00: Kitchen 2013 > Place the microwave near a plug > Press B 4 or 5 times
  • Brilliantly solved: Kitchen 2013 > Unpack the magnets > arrange them on the bottom of the fridge
  • Independence: Complete 2013 level
  • Green thumb: npack all of the plants in the 2015 Level.
  • Love: Complete 2016 level
  • Baby builder: Baby’s room 2018 > stack 5 blocks on top of each other
  • Fuzzy friends: 2015 or 2018 > unpack stuffed pig & stuffed tiger > sit them next to each other
  • Gotta flush ’em all:  There are x7 toilets: 2004, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2015, and x2 in 2018, check the locations > Press A on all the toilets

Unpacking All Achievements Guide – Descriptions

The descriptions that the game gives you about each achievement

  • Make some memories: Found your camera.
  • Solve a puzzle: Solved the cube.
  • Blast some tunes: Turned on a music player.
  • Beginning: Unpacked 1997.
  • Strike a pose: Made the mannequin dab.
  • Electrical hazard: Put an electronic item somewhere dangerous.
  • Get smart: Unpacked 2004
  • Game on: Turned on a game console.
  • Hat on head: Found a head to wear the hat.
  • Fellowship: Unpacked 2007.
  • Tidy whities: Tidied up his underwear drawer.
  • Brew some coffee: Placed all the coffee-making equipment on the counter.
  • Too cool: Unpacked 2010.
  • Rediscover childghood: Rescued a forgotten poster.
  • Home cooking: Unpacked 2012.
  • 12:00: Set the time on the microwave.
  • Brilliantly solved: Wrote an equation with fridge magnets.
  • Independence: Unpacked 2013.
  • Green thumb: Found a place for every plant.
  • Love: Unpacked 2016.
  • Baby builder: Built a tower out of baby blocks.
  • Fuzzy friends: Put the tiger and pig side by side.
  • Gotta flush ’em all: Flushed every toilet

Video Guide

A Video Guide with all the achievements – Credits to youtuber UntilTammaro

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