The Quarry Achievements guide

The Quarry Achievements Guide

Last Updated on 16 September, 2023

The Quarry Achievements Guide – Road to 100% – Guides to unlock all achievements, with locations, video guides, tips and more

The Quarry Achievements guide – Guide

Secret Achievements

  • The Final Girl: TBA
  • Nick of Time: See the guide here
  • The White Wolf: TBA
  • Nobody’s Fool: TBA
  • Lovers’ Quarrel: TBA
  • Mutually Assured: TBA
  • Just a Flesh Wound: See the Guide here
  • Phlebotomy: See the Guide here
  • Last Man Standing: TBA
  • Family Matters: TBA
  • Blood Pact: TBA
  • Bizzare Yet Bonefide: TBA
  • Hard Pass: TBA

Collectibles Locations – Clues, Evidence & Tarot Cards

Check this Powerpyx video to find all the collectibles:

Just a Flesh Achievement / Trophy Guide

Check this Powerpyx video to unlock the Just a Flesh Achievement / Trophy:

Phlebotomy Achievement / Trophy Guide

Check this Powerpyx video to unlock the Phlebotomy Achievement / Trophy:

Nick of Time Achievement / Trophy Guide

Check this Powerpyx video to unlock the Nick of Time Achievement / Trophy:

The Quarry Achievements guide – Full List

  • Prologue: Complete the Prologue
  • Chapter 1: Complete Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2: Complete Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3: Complete Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4: Complete Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5: Complete Chapter 5
  • Chapter 6: Complete Chapter 6
  • Chapter 7 Complete Chapter 7
  • Chapter 8: Complete Chapter 8
  • Chapter 9: Complete Chapter 9
  • Chapter 10: Complete Chapter 10
  • Epilogue: Witness the Epilogue
  • Rough Night: Keep everyone alive
  • Hackett’s Quarry Massacre: Kill everyone
  • Should’ve Gone to the Motel: Reunite Laura and Max
  • Above the Law: Travis and Laura agree to work together
  • Reactionist: Activate 15 Interrupts
  • You’re Breathtaking!: Pass 5 Don’t Breath events
  • Peanut Butter Butterpops!: Never miss in a combat encounter
  • Decked Out: Find all Tarot cards
  • Forewarned is Forearmed: Get a Tarot reading
  • Meddling Kids!: Collect all clues
  • It’s All Coming Together: Find a matching clue
  • What’s This?: Collect a clue
  • Conspiracy Theorist: Collect all evidence
  • The Truth is Out There: Collect a piece of evidence
  • Creature Feature: Start a movie mode playthrough

Secret Achievements

  • The Final Girl: Kaitlyn survives alone
  • Nick of Time: Successfully take the fastest route to Nick
  • The White Wolf: Kill Silas
  • Nobody’s Fool: Tell Emma the truth
  • Lovers’ Quarrel: Let Nick kill Abi
  • Mutually Assured: Have Laura and Travis kill each other
  • Just a Flesh Wound: Save a friend from infection
  • Phlebotomy: Accept the bite of a werewolf
  • Last Man Standing: Have Ryan survive alone
  • Family Matters: Kill all the Hacketts
  • Blood Pact: Infect every character
  • Bizzare Yet Bonefide: Listen to the podcast
  • Hard Pass: Refuse Eliza’s help

Other Achievements guides:

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  1. For the final girl achievement, you need to grab the plushie from the cabin in chapter 1, kill everyone sparing Kaitlyn, and using the plush to trap the monster in the freezer in chapter 10. Keep Abi alive until chapter 6 and make sure that she forgets her bag in the kitchen. After that, kill everyone (NO INFECTIONS or else they can survive). Chapter 10, make your way across the beam in the attic as Kaitlyn, hide in the kitchen, and she’ll be the lone survivor

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