Pokemon Grass Type Weakness – How to beat easy & Counters

Pokemon Grass Type Weakness

Last Updated on 30 June, 2022

Pokemon Grass Type Weakness – How to beat easy & Counters. A full detailed about Pokemon Grass Type Weakness; Weakness, Counters, effectiveness, pokemon list and more

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Pokemon Grass Type Weakness – Main Info

Damage multiplier in Pokemon Go; example x2 (pokemon takes double damage), x0.5 (pokemon takes half damage).

In Pokemon Go, the Pokemon grass type has the following weakness:

So, a pokemon with normal or charged ice attack will be increased by 1,6 against grass type pokemon.

Pokemon Grass Type Weakness – Best Pokemon Against Grass Type

The following list are the best pokemon in Pokemon GO to beat Grass Type, so check the list if you want pokemon against grass type.

Find a lot of legendary pokemon and no legendary pokemon, so: top grass type counters; they could be the best pokemon counters against grass type pokemon.

Best Pokemon to win grass type are:

No Legendary Counters

  • Darmanitan (Galarian Zen)
    • Quick Move: Ice Fang (Ice)
    • Main Move: Avalanche or Ice Punch (Ice) or Overheat (Fire)
  • Volcarona
    • Quick Move: Fire Spin (Fire) or Bug Bite (Bug)
    • Main Move: Overheat (Fire)
  • Walrein
    • Quick Move: Powder Snow or Frost Breath (Ice)
    • Main Move: Blizzard or Icicle Spear (Ice)
  • Chandelure
    • Quick Move: Fire Spin or Incinerate (Fire)
    • Main Move: Overheat (Fire)
  • Roserade

Legendary Counters

  • Reshiram
    • Quick Move: Fire Fang (Fire)
    • Main Move: Overheat (Fire)
  • Moltres
    • Quick Move: Fire Spin (Fire) or Wing Attack (Flying)
    • Main Move: Overheat & Fire Blast (Fire) & Sky Attack (Flying)
  • Ho-Oh
    • Quick Move: Incinerate (Fire)
    • Main Move: Fire Blast (Fire) or Brave Bird (Flying)
  • Deoxys (Attack)
  • Rayquaza

More Pokemon

To beat grass type, so those pokemon are used for grass weakness, mixed legendaries and no legendaries.

  • Blaziken
    • Quick Move: Fire Spin (Fire)
    • Main Move: Blast Burn (Fire) or Overheat (Fire)
  • Mewtwo
    • Quick Move: Psycho Cut (Psychic)
    • Main Move: Ice Beam (Ice)
  • Heatran
    • Quick Move: Fire Spin (Fire)
    • Main Move: Flamethrower (Fire)
  • Articuno
    • Quick Move: Frost Breath (Ice)
    • Main Move: Ice Beam or Blizzard (Ice)
  • Genesect (Chill)
    • Quick Move: Fury Cutter (Bug)
    • Main Move: Ice Beam (Ice)
  • Darmanitan (Standard)
    • Quick Move: Fire Fang or Incinerate (Fire)
    • Main Move: Overheat (Fire)
  • Entei
    • Quick Move: Fire Fang or Fire Spin (Fire)
    • Main Move: Overheat (Fire)
  • Kyurem (Black)
    • Quick Move: Dragon Tail (Dragon)
    • Main Move: Blizzard (Ice)
  • Flareon
    • Quick Move: Fire Spin (Fire)
    • Main Move: Overheat (Fire)
  • Mamoswine
    • Quick Move: Powder Snow (Ice)
    • Main Move: Avalanche (Ice)
  • Weavile
    • Quick Move: Ice Shard (Ice)
    • Main Move: Avalanche (Ice)
  • Glaceon
    • Quick Move: Frost Breath or Ice Shard (Ice)
    • Main Move: Avalanche (Ice)

Pokemon Grass Type Weakness – Grass Type Pokemon List

In the following list are grass type pokemon, you will find a important list with some differences: pure grass type (only have Type 1) and pokemon how are grass type with a second type.

Num Nombre Type 1 Type 2
001 Bulbasaur Grass Poison
002 Ivysaur Grass Poison
003 Venusaur Grass Poison
043 Oddish Grass Poison
044 Gloom Grass Poison
045 Vileplume Grass Poison
046 Paras Bug Grass
047 Parasect Bug Grass
069 Bellsprout Grass Poison
070 Weepinbell Grass Poison
071 Victreebel Grass Poison
102 Exeggcute Grass Psychic
103 Exeggutor Grass Psychic
114 Tangela Grass
152 Chikorita Grass
153 Bayleef Grass
154 Meganium Grass
182 Bellossom Grass
187 Hoppip Grass Flying
188 Skiploom Grass Flying
189 Jumpluff Grass Flying
191 Sunkern Grass
192 Sunflora Grass
251 Celebi Psychic Grass
252 Treecko Grass
253 Grovyle Grass
254 Sceptile Grass
270 Lotad Water Grass
271 Lombre Water Grass
272 Ludicolo Water Grass
273 Seedot Grass
274 Nuzleaf Grass Dark
275 Shiftry Grass Dark
285 Shroomish Grass
286 Breloom Grass Fighting
315 Roselia Grass Poison
331 Cacnea Grass
332 Cacturne Grass Dark
345 Lileep Rock Grass
346 Cradily Rock Grass
357 Tropius Grass Flying
387 Turtwig Grass
388 Grotle Grass
389 Torterra Grass Ground
406 Budew Grass Poison
407 Roserade Grass Poison
413 Wormadam Bug Grass
420 Cherubi Grass
421 Cherrim Grass
455 Carnivine Grass
459 Snover Grass Ice
460 Abomasnow Grass Ice
465 Tangrowth Grass
470 Leafeon Grass
492 Shaymin Grass
495 Snivy Grass
496 Servine Grass
497 Serperior Grass
511 Pansage Grass
512 Simisage Grass
540 Sewaddle Bug Grass
541 Swadloon Bug Grass
542 Leavanny Bug Grass
546 Cottonee Grass Fairy
547 Whimsicott Grass Fairy
548 Petilil Grass
549 Lilligant Grass
556 Maractus Grass
585 Deerling Normal Grass
586 Sawsbuck Normal Grass
590 Foongus Grass Poison
591 Amoonguss Grass Poison
597 Ferroseed Grass Steel
598 Ferrothorn Grass Steel
640 Virizion Grass Fighting
650 Chespin Grass
651 Quilladin Grass
652 Chesnaught Grass Fighting
672 Skiddo Grass
673 Gogoat Grass
708 Phantump Ghost Grass
709 Trevenant Ghost Grass
710 Pumpkaboo Ghost Grass
711 Gourgeist Ghost Grass
722 Rowlet Grass Flying
723 Dartrix Grass Flying
724 Decidueye Grass Ghost
753 Fomantis Grass
754 Lurantis Grass
755 Morelull Grass Fairy
756 Shiinotic Grass Fairy
761 Bounsweet Grass
762 Steenee Grass
763 Tsareena Grass
781 Dhelmise Ghost Grass
787 Tapu Bulu Grass Fairy
798 Kartana Grass Steel


1 Mega Venusaur
2 Mega Lopunny
3 Mega Ampharos
4 Mega Houndoom
5 Mega Aerodactyl


Pokemon Grass Type Weakness – Other Type Weakness

Are you interested in weaknesses of other pokemon type? Below you have a weaknesses list by pokemon type, also we recommend you to visit them, because it is a quality information list that will help you to improve in pokemon battles against gyms, in pokemon battles against raids and in pokemon pvp battles.

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