Pokemon Ground Type Weakness – How to beat easy & Counters

Pokemon Ground Type Weakness

Last Updated on 12 June, 2022

Pokemon Ground Type Weakness – How to beat easy & Counters. A full detailed about Pokemon Ground Type Weakness; Weakness, Counters, effectiveness, pokemon list and more

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Pokemon Ground Type Weakness – Main Info

Damage multiplier in Pokemon Go; example x2 (pokemon takes double damage), x0.5 (pokemon takes half damage).

In Pokemon Go, the Pokemon Ground Type has the following weakness:

So, a pokemon with normal or charged grass attack will be increased by 1,6 against Ground Type pokemon.

Pokemon Ground Type Weakness – Best Pokemon Against Ground Type

The following list are the best pokemon in Pokemon GO to beat Ground Type, so check the list if you want pokemon against Ground Type.

Find a lot of legendary pokemon and no legendary pokemon, so: Ground Type counters; they could be the best pokemon counters against Ground Type pokemon.

Best Pokemon to win Ground Type are:

No Legendary Counters

  • Darmanitan (Galarian Zen)
    • Quick Move: Ice Fang (Ice)
    • Main Move: Avalanche or Ice Punch (Ice)
  • Kingler
    • Quick Move: Bubble (Water)
    • Main Move: Crabhammer (Water)
  • Darmanitan (Galarian Standard)
    • Quick Move: Ice Fang (Ice)
    • Main Move: Avalanche (Ice)
  • Zarude
    • Quick Move: Vine Whip (Grass)
    • Main Move: Power Whip (Grass)
  • Roserade
    • Quick Move: Razor Leaf or Bullet Seed (Grass)
    • Main Move: Solar Beam or Grass Knot (Grass)

Legendary Counters

  • Kyogre
    • Quick Move: Waterfall (Water)
    • Main Move: Hydro Pump & Surf (Water) or Blizzard (Ice)
  • Mewtwo
    • Quick Move: Psycho Cut or Confusion (Psychic)
    • Main Move: Ice Beam (Ice)
  • Palkia
    • Quick Move: Dragon Tail (Dragon)
    • Main Move: Hydro Pump (Water)
  • Kyurem (Black)
    • Quick Move: Dragon Tail (Dragon)
    • Main Move: Blizzard (Ice)
  • Regigigas
    • Quick Move: Hidden Power (Normal)
    • Main Move: Avalanche (Ice)

More Pokemon

To beat Ground Type, so those pokemon are used for ground weakness, mixed legendaries and no legendaries.

  • Mamoswine
    • Quick Move: Powder Snow (Ice)
    • Main Move: Avalanche (Ice)
  • Weavile
    • Quick Move: Ice Shard (Ice)
    • Main Move: Avalanche (Ice)
  • Glaceon
    • Quick Move: Frost Breath or Ice Shard (Ice)
    • Main Move: Avalanche (Ice)
  • Sceptile
    • Quick Move: Bullet Seed (Grass)
    • Main Move: Frenzy Plant (Grass)
  • Breloom
    • Quick Move: Bullet Seed (Grass)
    • Main Move: Grass Knot (Grass)
  • Crawdaunt
    • Quick Move: Waterfall (Water)
    • Main Move: Crabhammer (Water)
  • Sharpedo
    • Quick Move: Waterfall (Water)
    • Main Move: Hydro Pump (Water)
  • Samurott
    • Quick Move: Waterfall (Water)
    • Main Move: Hydro Cannon (Water)
  • Empoleon
    • Quick Move: Waterfall (Water)
    • Main Move: Hydro Cannon (Water)
  • Swampert
    • Quick Move: Water Gun (Water)
    • Main Move: Hydro Cannon (Water)
  • Gyarados
    • Quick Move: Waterfall (Water)
    • Main Move: Hydro Pump (Water)
  • Venusaur
    • Quick Move: Vine Whip (Grass)
    • Main Move: Frenzy Plant (Grass)
  • Kyurem (White)
    • Quick Move: Dragon Breath (Dragon)
    • Main Move: Blizzard (Ice)

Pokemon Ground Type Weakness – Ground Type Pokemon List

In the following list are Ground Type pokemon, you will find a important list with some differences: pure Ground Type (only have Type 1) and pokemon how are Ground Type with a second type.

Num Nombre Type 1 Type 2
027 Sandshrew Ground
028 Sandslash Ground
031 Nidoqueen Poison Ground
034 Nidoking Poison Ground
050 Diglett Ground
051 Dugtrio Ground
074 Geodude Rock Ground
075 Graveler Rock Ground
076 Golem Rock Ground
095 Onix Rock Ground
104 Cubone Ground
105 Marowak Ground
111 Rhyhorn Ground Rock
112 Rhydon Ground Rock
194 Wooper Water Ground
195 Quagsire Water Ground
207 Gligar Ground Flying
208 Steelix Steel Ground
220 Swinub Ice Ground
221 Piloswine Ice Ground
231 Phanpy Ground
232 Donphan Ground
246 Larvitar Rock Ground
247 Pupitar Rock Ground
259 Marshtomp Water Ground
260 Swampert Water Ground
290 Nincada Bug Ground
322 Numel Fire Ground
323 Camerupt Fire Ground
328 Trapinch Ground
329 Vibrava Ground Dragon
330 Flygon Ground Dragon
339 Barboach Water Ground
340 Whiscash Water Ground
343 Baltoy Ground Psychic
344 Claydol Ground Psychic
383 Groudon Ground
389 Torterra Grass Ground
413 Wormadam Bug Ground
423 Gastrodon Water Ground
443 Gible Dragon Ground
444 Gabite Dragon Ground
445 Garchomp Dragon Ground
449 Hippopotas Ground
450 Hippowdon Ground
464 Rhyperior Ground Rock
472 Gliscor Ground Flying
473 Mamoswine Ice Ground
529 Drilbur Ground
530 Excadrill Ground Steel
536 Palpitoad Water Ground
537 Seismitoad Water Ground
551 Sandile Ground Dark
552 Krokorok Ground Dark
553 Krookodile Ground Dark
618 Stunfisk Ground Electric
622 Golett Ground Ghost
623 Golurk Ground Ghost
645 Landorus Ground Flying
660 Diggersby Normal Ground
718 Zygarde Dragon Ground
749 Mudbray Ground
750 Mudsdale Ground
769 Sandygast Ghost Ground
770 Palossand Ghost Ground


1 Mega Venusaur
2 Mega Lopunny
3 Mega Ampharos
4 Mega Houndoom
5 Mega Aerodactyl


Pokemon Ground Type Weakness – Other Type Weakness

Are you interested in weaknesses of other pokemon type? Below you have a weaknesses list by pokemon type, also we recommend you to visit them, because it is a quality information list that will help you to improve in pokemon battles against gyms, in pokemon battles against raids and in pokemon pvp battles.

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