Lost Ark Classes Tier List – PvE & PVP

Lost Ark Classes Tier List

Last Updated on 27 October, 2022

Lost Ark Classes Tier List – PvE & PVP – Best Classes for PvE & PVP ranked from Tier S (the best) to Tier C (the worst)

Lost Ark Classes Tier List – PvE

S Tier Classes – Best PvE Classes:

  • Bard – Mage [Utility / Support]
  • Gunlancer – Warrior [Tank / Utility / DPS]
  • Berserker – Warrior [Melee DPS]

A Tier Classes:

  • Striker – Martial Artist [Melee DPS]
  • Sorceress– Mage [Mage DPS / Utility]
  • Gunslinger – Gunner [Ranged DPS]
  • Paladin – Warrior [Utility / Support / Off-Tank]
  • Artillerist – Gunner [Ranged DPS]
  • Wardancer – Martial Artist [Melee DPS]

B Tier Classes:

  • Sharpshooter – Gunner [Ranged DPS]
  • Deathblade– Assassin [Melee DPS]
  • Shadowhunter– Assassin [Melee DPS]
  • Deadeye – Gunner [Ranged DPS]

C Tier Classes – Worst PvE Classes:

  • Scrapper – Martial Artist [Melee DPS]
  • Soulfist – Martial Artist [Melee DPS]

Lost Ark Classes Tier List – PvP

S Tier Classes – Best PvP Classes:

  • Bard – Mage [Utility / Support]
  • Paladin – Warrior [Utility / Support / Off-Tank]
  • Deathblade– Assassin [Melee DPS]
  • Deadeye – Gunner [Ranged DPS]
  • Gunslinger – Gunner [Ranged DPS]

A Tier Classes:

  • Gunlancer – Warrior [Tank / Utility / DPS]
  • Shadow Hunter – Assassin [Melee DPS]
  • Sorceress– Mage [Mage DPS / Utility]
  • Berserker – Warrior [Melee DPS]

B Tier Classes:

  • Artillerist – Gunner [Ranged DPS]
  • Striker – Martial Artist [Melee DPS]
  • Sharpshooter – Gunner [Ranged DPS]
  • Wardancer – Martial Artist [Melee DPS]

C Tier Classes – Worst PvP Classes:

  • Soulfist – Martial Artist [Melee DPS]
  • Scrapper – Martial Artist [Melee DPS]

Lost Ark Classes Tier List – Attacks

Warrior Classes

  • Berserker: [Tier S – PvE & Tier B – PvP]
    • Berserk Fury: Infuse your greatsword to create Berserk Fury and deliver a powerful strike. Attack range and damage scale up with how much this skill is charged
    • Strike Wave: Concentrate energy on your greatsword and release it forward, cleaving the ground. This skill can be charged to inflict more damage
    • Whirlwind: Spin around with the greatsword to inflict damage
    • Crime Hazard: Jump and swing your greatsword to deal damage and launch foes into the sky, then strike down to deal damage again and knock them down
    • Hell Blade: Thrust your greatsword into the ground, inflicting damage. Hold and attack to deal more damage
  • Paladin: [Tier S – PvE & Tier S – PvP]
    • Alithane’s Judgment: Jump up and unleash a holy light that shines toward your cursor position for an attack that penetrates through even guardian monsters
    • Wrath of God: Call forth the energy of sacred thunder into your weapon and deal damage to surrounding foes
    • Execution of Justice: Hold your sword with one hand and quickly spin in position to deal damage to your foe, then perform a crushing blow that deals damage
    • Law of God: Summon a magick circle of light through holy scriptures
    • Flash Slash: Slowly move forward and slash your foe 7 times
  • Gunlancer: [Tier S – PvE & Tier A – PvP]
    • Charged Stinger: While in a defensive stance, focus energy and thrust your spear in front of you
    • Leap Attack: Leap toward the target location to strike at the ground, inflicting damage
    • Hook Chain: Throw a long chained hook to deal damage, then pull that foe to you to deal more damage
    • Guardian’s Protection: Upon using the skill, recover 100% of your shield meter and release a 10m radius protection aura in the nearby area for 10s
    • Fire Bullet: Perform a shelling attack at foes at close range, dealing damage

Martial Artist Classes

  • Striker: [Tier A – PvE & Tier C – PvP]
    • Tiger Emerges: Advance forward and inflict fire damage, then perform a upward attack for additional damage
    • True Heavenly Awakening: Gather powerful energy in your legs from a wide trajectory before kicking 2 times to inflict damage and send foes airborne
    • Storm Dragon Awakening: Jump up and spin your body, then kick and inflict Damage on foes
    • Moon Flash Kick: Charge forward while kicking, dealing damage
    • Swift Wind Kick: Deliver a spinning kick in the air, attacking foes 22 times to inflict damage over 2.5 seconds
  • Wardancer: [Tier B – PvE & Tier B – PvP]
    • Fist of Dominance: Use the power of elementals and release an energy field, pulling foes close
    • Advent of the Phoenix: Focus your fire energy and soar into the air to land at a cursor position
    • Flash Heat Fang: Throw multiple punches to inflict damage, followed by a more damaging finishing blow
    • Lightning Kick: Deliver a flurry of kicks that inflict lightning damage, and strike down at foes causing more damage
    • Triple Fist: Violently swing your fists forward and damage foes
  • Scrapper: [Tier B – PvE & Tier C – PvP]
    • Mysterious Art Blast of Ruination: Focus your mind and reinforce your gauntlets to deliver a powerful strike
    • Crushing Smite: Launch up to 3 shockwaves in front of you, dealing damage
    • Undefeated Dragon King: Concentrate energy throughout your body and deal damage at your cursor position while moving toward the target location
    • Chain Destruction Fist: Smash the ground to shake the earth. You attack foes up to 4 times, the damage radius increasing with each hit
    • Death Sentence: Release all condensed shock energy, dealing damage and knocking foes back
  • Soulfist: [Tier B – PvE & Tier A – PvP]
    • Annihilating Ray: Gather energy and shoot an energy ray forward. Hold the skill up to 1.5s to damage foes up to 5 times
    • Heavenly Squash: Drop a massive palm at the cursor position, inflicting damage
    • Magnetic Palm: Jump forward and inflict damage 3 times. Smash the ground with your palm and draw foes near while inflicting damage
    • Pulverizing Palm: Quickly dash forward, inflicting damage
    • Deadly Finger: Dodge backward and quickly thrust your finger diagonally at the sky multiple times, for 6 hits

Gunner Classes

  • Gunslinger: [Tier S – PvE & Tier A – PvP]
    • Eye of Twilight: Turn back from your closest foe, mark them as a dueling target, and apply the Eye of Twilight debuff on them
    • Last Request: Fires a powerful explosive bullet, inflicting damage and launching foes into the air
    • Plasma Bullet: Fire a plasma bullet that travels at a low speed while continuously inflicting damage
    • Peacekeeper: Fire your handgun to inflict damage in front of you
    • Hour of Judgement: Fire 3 bullets that spread in a cone-shaped range, with each bullet fragmenting upon impact
  • Artillerist: [Tier A – PvE & Tier B – PvP]
    • Missile Barrage: Fire 20 rockets in the sky
    • Buckshot: Fire a conal blast with a shotgun
    • Flamethrower: Fire your flamethrower in a single direction while moving freely
    • Gatling Gun: Spin in the cursor’s direction while firing your machine gun
    • Napalm Shot: Detonate a napalm shell, damaging foes and launching them in the air
  • Deadeye: [Tier C – PvE & Tier A – PvP]
    • Bursting Flare: Summon a large-caliber rifle and shoot 3 times
    • Meteor Stream: Fire a volley of bullets to the sky, then sends them to impact at the cursor position
    • Spiral Flame: Fire a powerful flame bullet, launching foes in the air, inflicting fire damage
    • Shotgun Rapid Fire: Fire the shotgun 3 times, inflicting damage with each shot
    • Death Fire: Fire a volley of bullets at all nearby foes
  • Sharpshooter: [Tier A – PvE & Tier B – PvP]
    • Golden Eye: Summon 4 golden hawks that fly around and create a devastating whirlwind that gradually grows stronger
    • Arrow Shower: Shoot multiple arrows in the sky
    • Arrow Wave: Send a tornado arrow flying toward the cursor
    • Blade Storm: Quickly spin and throw 6 blades, inflicting damage
    • Charged Shot: Charge to inflict increasing amounts of damage depending on the charge

Mage Classes

  • Bard: [Tier S – PvE & Tier S – PvP]
    • Oratorio: Play the giant harp and sing with angels, inflicting holy damage in an explosion
    • Stigma: Cast a Stigma at the target location
    • Rhythm Buckshot: Pull the string of the harp to blow up a musical note
    • Heavenly Tune: Inflict damage on nearby foes and boost attack speed and MP regeneration
    • Prelude of Storm: Play a powerful tune to call forth a storm that inflicts damage and stuns foes
  • Sorceress: [Tier A – PvE & Tier A – PvP]
    • Incinerate: Drop meteor fragments from the sky to inflict damage on enemies
    • Frost Explosion: Frost bursts from the body dealing damage and causing Chill Status
    • Ice Arrow: Fire ice arrows, piercing foes and dealing damage
    • Lightning Burst: Fire lightning to attack enemies (Electrocution status)
    • Doomsday: Calls forth a giant Meteor at the cursor location within meters

Assassin Classes

  • Shadowhunter: [Tier A – PvE & Tier A – PvP]
    • Demon Vision: Focus demonic energy and shoot a ray of death forward to inflict damage and knock foes away
    • Sharpened Cut: Pierce through foes in front of you as you spin, inflicting damage
    • Fallen Ruin: Soar into the air and shoot an energy ray straight into the ground to inflict damage
    • Demonic Clone: Call forth an incarnation of the devil to attack by your side
    • Spinning Weapon: Launch the weapon on your left arm forward and make it spin to inflict damage
  • Deathblade: [Tier B – PvE & Tier S – PvP]
    • Flash Blink: Dash toward the cursor direction, slashing through foes with all your swords
    • Spincutter: Spin and move toward the cursor direction, inflicting damage
    • Soul Absorber: Charge to deliver a powerful thrust, inflicting increasing amounts of damage the longer it charges
    • Blitz Rush: Charge forward and when the charge is over, advance and attack
    • Moonlight Sonic: Perform a sweeping slash in front of you to pull foes close and inflict damage

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