Raid Shadow Legends Arena Guide

raid shadow legends arena guide

Last Updated on 30 March, 2023

Raid Shadow Legends Arena Guide – A complete guide on how to progress in both Classic Arena and Tag Team Arena. In addition, we show you which are the most powerful heroes. 

Ever wanted to compare your team’s power to that of other RAID: Shadow Legends players? You can with the Arena.

You can compete against the Arena team that other players have selected to serve as their defense team in the arena.

Beyond only getting to compete against other players’ teams, fighting in the Arena has numerous benefits.

The rewards you receive from the Arena are fantastic and important to progressing in the game.

In this guide, we cover everything you need to know about the Arena in RAID: Shadow Legends, from the rewards you get to the champions, teams, and stats that will offer you the best chance of winning.

Raid Shadow Legends Arena Guide – About Arena

In RAID: Shadow Legends, there is a PvP feature called the Arena where you can compete against other players’ teams.

But because PvP isn’t live, you’re fighting a team that another player has built from their roster of champions as they play in auto-mode in the Arena.

You have the option of playing in manual mode, which often gives you the upper hand.

Within the Arena menu, there are two different types of arenas: Classic Arena and Tag Team Arena.

You can compete against the champion team of another player in the Classic Arena, which is available right away as you unlock it.

The winner is the person who defeats all of their enemy’s champions before losing every single one of their own.

At player level 35, the Tag Team Arena becomes available. There, you must gather three teams of champions to fight against three teams that your enemy has created.

In the Tag Team Arena, teams battle one after the other. Your first team takes on the opponent’s first team first, your second team squares off against their second, and your third team squares off against their third.

The Tag Team Arena match is won by the player who won in at least two of the three mini-matches.

Your Arena rating changes depending on whether you win or lose a match in the Arena. Your current tier is determined by your Arena rating.

The different RAID Arena tiers are listed below: Shadow Legends:

  • Bronze I
  • II  Bronze
  • Bronze III
  • Bronze IV
  • Silver I
  • II Silver
  • Silver III
  • Silver IV
  • Gold I
  • II Gold
  • Gold III
  • IV Gold
  • Gold V
  • Platinum

Note: Only the Classic Arena contains the Gold V and Platinum tier; the Tag Team Arena does not.

The power of your enemies and the rewards you receive from battles in the Arena depend on the Arena tier you are currently in.

Raid Shadow Legends Arena Guide – How To Fight In Arena

To fight in the Arena in RAID: Shadow Legends, click the red BATTLE button in the Bastion’s bottom right corner, select Classic Arena or Tag Team Arena from the menu, select an adversary, click Battle next to their team, form your own team, and then click the Start button. You can also choose to fight single player or with a team.

You can use skills in an Arena match just like you can in other parts of the game when you’re fighting stages of enemies.

The goal is to defeat the champions of the opponent before they eliminate yours.

Arena matches are not live, thus your team can choose to play in manual mode, giving you a slight edge, while the opponent must play in automatic mode.

You can improve your chances of winning by focusing on that one, as many teams, at least early in the game, revolve around one champion. Given that the opponent is playing in auto mode, they might not do that.

To fight in the Arena, you must Arena keys. One Arena key is necessary to start each game. Keys for the Tag Team Arena and the Classic Arena are different.

The green keys are used in the Tag Team Arena, whereas the yellow keys are used in the Classic Arena.

Keys for the Classic Arena passively regenerate at a rate of one key every hour, up to a maximum of 10. Therefore, if you have more than ten keys, you should use them. Keys to the Tag Team Arena are fully restored every day.

Before choosing an opponent to face, you may view their team strength and the specific composition of the champions they represent in the Arena.

Try to only select opponents whom you are confident in beating, as arena keys are valuable.

To ensure they lose some Arena rating every day, which will move them to a lower tier and offer them easier opponents, many players use the strategy of just putting one weak champion on defense. These teams will battle for free wins.

Use the Refresh Set button in the top-right corner to acquire a new list of opponents if you’ve beaten every opponent in your current list of opponents who is weaker than you.

Don’t use the 5 gems to refresh your opponent list early when you may do it for free every 15 minutes.

Setting your defensive team in the Arena’s Defense tab, located on the left side, is the final step you must do.

Two broad tactics can be used to build your defense team. Build either a powerful one or one that is incredibly feeble.

Depending on your current Arena tier, you can choose any of the two. You should avoid falling to a lower tier where you get fewer medals for victories, even though it’s fantastic to be in a lower tier so you can fight against simpler opponents.

By clicking the Tiers option on the left side of the Arena, you can see how many medals you earn in each tier.

You should use a powerful defense team if you want to reach the highest tier possible toward the end of the ranking period and obtain the best chest.

Not the tier you are in at the end of the season, but the highest tier you have reached gets the chest.

The bottom-left corner of the Arena displays the time when the current ranking session ends. Every Monday, the ranking period starts over and lasts for one week.

Raid Shadow Legends Arena Guide – Arena Rewards

We recommend you to fight in the Arena from the start of the game because you can acquire many useful resources and items there.

The various benefits of participation in the Arena are listed below:

  • Medals
  • Materials
  • Gold Bars
  • Tier chests
  • Tier stat boosts

If you win in games in the Classic Arena, you are rewarded Medals. Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals are the three different categories of rewards. In the Great Hall, boosts must be unlocked and upgraded with medals.

Your current Arena tier determines how many and what types of medals you get during matches.

You can also receive magisteel for victory in games in the Classic Arena. You require magisteel in order to create artifacts in the forge.

Gold Bars are the reward you get when you win in games in the Tag Team Arena. Shards, skill books, and chickens are just a few of the useful items that may be purchased at the bazaar with gold bars.

The number of the three sub-matches you win determines how many Gold Bars you get from a match in the Tag Team Arena. Each sub-match rewards more Gold Bar the higher the rank you are currently on.

You are given an Arena tier chest based on your current tier whenever the Classic Arena ranking period ends. The value of the chest you receive depends on what tier you are in at the end of a ranking period.

In the bottom section of the Arena menu, you can see when the current ranking period ends.

Tier stat boosts are another advantage of having a high Arena ranking and, thus, being in a high tier.

Being in a tier gives your entire team a +% increase in HP, ATK, and DEF across the board, not just in the Arena. The stat boost gets better the higher rank you’re in.

Top Stats For Arena

Speed is the most important stat in the arena. It’s essential to move more quickly than your adversary so you can attack first.

Focusing on speed and making sure you make one or more moves before the opponent can even touch your champions will help you do extremely well in the Arena.

Battles in the Arena don’t last as many rounds as they do later in the Campaign or against bosses.

Only if both players bring extremely tanky teams with low damage outputs can you expect a prolonged battle in the Arena.

If you’re not building a fast-bursting team, you should, of course, pay more attention to defense stats and accuracy than speed. But speed is still important even with a non-bursting team.

We do, however, recommend that you focus on speed and bursting down the enemy before they even have a chance to hit you in RAID: Shadow Legends, unless you’re at the end-game.

For the majority of players in the Arena, focusing on speed will yield the best outcomes, and by doing this, you’ll be able to farm the Arena more quickly.

Later in the game, when Arena battles are more diverse and can last a lot longer, it makes more sense to build more diverse teams that aren’t just speed and burst-focused.

Like it is everywhere in the game, accuracy is also a very important stat to build depending on your team.

Top Champions For Arena

Early on in RAID, the best champions to use in the Arena are: The powerful AoE strikes and buffs that raise speed and the ally turn meter are characteristics of shadow legends.

These champions are best used early in the game because they make it simple to build an immensely powerful Arena team that will let you to rack up wins quickly.

For more information on the AoE and turn-meter setup along with the speed enhancement, read the paragraph after this one.

The following champions are the ones you should play in the Arena early on for the burst + speed setup:

  • Kael
  • Athel
  • Galek
  • Elhain
  • High Khatun
  • Apothecary
  • Warmaiden

You should have one of the first four champions because these are the starter champions for the game. Kael is the greatest of the four, but all four are effective AoE bursters.

The last three champions on the list are relatively simple to obtain. Both Apothecary and Warmaiden are rare champions; Warmaiden can even be acquired from Campaign chapter 9. The 30th-day login reward is High Khatun.

For an early game Arena team, any other champion with a powerful AoE skill will also be a wonderful choice.

Warmaiden lowers enemy defense while High Khatun or Apothecary fills allies’ turn meters and gives them a speed boost at the beginning of the game.

The following champions are among the greatest to use in the Arena in RAID: Shadow Legends’ end-game:

  • Duchess Lilitu
  • Prince Kymar
  • Candraphon
  • Nekhret
  • Hegemon
  • Siphi
  • Rotos
  • Warlord

It’s not simple to obtain these champions, but if you manage, you’ll be able to build some highly powerful Arena teams.

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