Rain World Achievements Guide

Rain World Achievements Guide

Last Updated on 16 February, 2022

Rain World Achievements Guide – All the achievements and how to unlock each one of them – Passage, Echo and Story Achievements

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There are x21 Achievements to unlock, use our guide to unlock them all:

Rain World Achievements Guide – Passage Achievements

  • The Survivor: Spend five cycles at their current maximum karma level (This does not need to be done all in a row)
  • The Monk: (Requires The Survivor Achievement) Eat only fruits, vegetables, and/or fungi for five cycles
  • The Hunter: (Requires The Survivor Achievement)  Eat only living creatures, such as batflies, centipedes, jellyfish, and vulture grubs
  • The Saint: (Requires The Survivor Achievement) Avoid harming any creatures with spears or rubbish for four cycles
  • The Outlaw: (Requires The Survivor Achievement) Kill creatures which are not needed for food, including neutral creatures like lantern mice, scavengers, squidcadas, and jetfish, as well as predators such as lizards
  • The Chieftain: (Requires The Survivor Achievement) Max your global reputation with the scavengers (Scavengers gifts, help them with attackers…)
  • The Wanderer: (Requires The Survivor Achievement) sleep once within each region
  • The Dragon Slayer: (Requires The Survivor Achievement) Kill at least one of each breed of lizards: green, pink, blue, white, yellow, and black
  • The Friend: (Requires The Survivor Achievement) Sleep in a hibernation chamber with a lizard for three cycles in a row

Spoiler Warning

  • The Scholar: (Requires The Survivor Achievement) Touch one of the unique colored pearls, visit Five Pebbles to begin earning progress, and earn three dots to earn the achievement

Rain World Achievements Guide – Echo Achievements

  • Four Needles under Plentiful Leaves: in Shaded Citadel, below the near end of the eastern bridge close to Shoreline
  • Six Grains of Gravel, Mountains Abound: in The Exterior, at the top of The Wall
  • Nineteen Spades, Endless Reflections: top middle area of Chimney Canopy, in between the Karma Gates to Sky Islands on the left and The Wall on the right
  • Droplets upon Five Large Droplets:  in the lower left area of Sky Islands, near the gate to Farm Arrays
  • A Bell, Eighteen Amber Beads: in the lower right area of Farm Arrays, near the gate to Outskirts
  • Two Sprouts, Twelve Brackets: in Subterranean, on the right side of the ravine next to the gate to Farm Arrays

Rain World Achievements Guide – Story Achievements

  • A New Friend: reward after the player meets Looks to the Moon, earn it upon hibernating
  • Stolen Enlightenment:  reward if the player steals at least one of Looks to the Moon’s neuron flies and then hibernates
  • The Journey: rewarded after the player meets Five Pebbles in the center of his complex
  • Pilgrimage: requires the player to raise their maximum karma to the highest level without visiting Five Pebble (find four out of the six Echoes)
  • Ascension: awarded for reaching the end of the game, deep within The Depths

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