Frostpunk Hidden Achievements

Frostpunk Hidden Achievements

Last Updated on 16 February, 2022

Frostpunk Hidden Achievements – All the Hidden Achievements and how to unlock them all, with tutorials and tips

Check the full list section for the achievements list and descriptions, check the solutions section for tutorials to unlock them all

Frostpunk Hidden Achievements – Full List

  • Banksy: Deal with the Londoners’ graffiti peacefully
  • Everybody Lived for Once: Finish The Arks scenario, saving both cities
  • Golden Path: Finish the New Home scenario without passing severe laws and using harsh abilities
  • My Turn to Speak: Let the Londoners speak and have the last word
  • Negotiator: Deal with the Londoners’ thievery peacefully
  • Please, Sir, I Want Some More: Give child workers extra rations
  • Sprinter: Find New Manchester before Day 15
  • The Scientific Method, vol. 1: Finish the Automaton Project
  • The Scientific Method, vol. 2: Improve Radical Treatment
  • The Union: Finish the Refugees scenario, accepting all the lords and resolving the class conflict
  • Unknown Ship: Find the unknown ship in Frostland
  • All children on board: Finish the Fall of Winterhome Scenario, sending all children to Dreadnought.
  • Full Dreadnought: Finish the Fall of Winterhome scenario, fully upgrading the Dreadnought and filling it with people.
  • Hi Marek!: Lose in Serenity mode
  • All Your Base Are Connect To Us: Build all safe routes
  • We Are In This Together: Save New London in On the Edge scenario
  • Unforgiven: Let New London fall in On the Edge scenario
  • You Had To Do It: Rename Outpost 11 to you-know-what
  • I Feel Lucky: Always take the risky choice on Frostland in On the Edge scenario

Frostpunk Hidden Achievements – Solutions

  • Banksy: Play A New Home scenario, recruit Guards or Faith Keepers and order them to secure the streets.
  • Everybody Lived for Once: Self Explanatory
  • Golden Path: Finish the New Self Explanatory
  • My Turn to Speak: keep the discontent around 50%, Let the protesters always speak., choose “let him speak” x3 and speak back
  • Negotiator: during the thievery events when you take the option “Let him go, he’s not the Murderer” after a successful investigation, only available if a guard was murdered before
  • Please, Sir, I Want Some More: Accept double food for working children
  • Sprinter: New Manchester is to the east in The Arks. You need to complete the “Autonomous city” quest before day 12, Have a scout with fully upgraded speed ready at your city and send them to intercept the man
  • The Scientific Method, vol. 1: Produce automatons in a factory until you have 3 and have a working workshop,  Accept the engineer’s request
  • The Scientific Method, vol. 2: Enact Radical treatment and have 10 amputees, Accept the engineer’s request
  • The Union: Self Explanatory
  • Unknown Ship: Explore Oceanliner in The Refugees

New Achievements

  • All children on board: Self Explanatory
  • Full Dreadnought: Self Explanatory
  • Hi Marek!: Overdrive Generator and let it blow.
  • All Your Base Are Connect To Us: Self Explanatory
  • We Are In This Together: Self Explanatory
  • Unforgiven: You have to build although infrastructures for survivors
  • You Had To Do It: Rename the outpost to “New London
  • I Feel Lucky: Search for materials in Tesla City > Drive away new londoners dismantling Steel Bridge

Other Achievementes guide:

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