BitLife Achievements Guide

Bitlife Achievements Guide

Last Updated on 16 February, 2022

Welcome to our Bitlife Achievements Guide, where we will show you all the achievements and also how to unlock all of them

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BitLife Achievements Guide – 1º-30º

  • Social Media: Join Social Media
  • Complete a life: Complete a full life
  • Octogenerian: See your 80th birthday
  • Nonagenerian: See your 90th birthday
  • Centenarian: See your 100th birthday
  • Super Centenarian: See your 110th birthday
  • Mega Centenarian: See your 120th birthday
  • Millionaire: Become a Millionaire
  • My second Million: Achieve a net worth of $2M
  • Multimillionaire: Achieve a net worth of $10M
  • Rich: Achieve a net worth of $20M
  • Super Rich: Achieve a net worth of $50M
  • Stinking Rich: Achieve a net worth of $100M
  • Career Military: Serve your full career in the military
  • General: Achieve the rank of general in the miltary
  • Admiral: Achieve the rank of general in the miltary
  • Absent Without leave: Go AWOL in the military
  • Dentist: Become a Dentist (Dental School)
  • Doctor: Become a Doctor (Medical School)
  • Lawyer: Become a lawyer (Law School)
  • Judge: Become a Judge (Law School)
  • CEO: Become a CEO (Business School)
  • Actor: Become an Actor (Arts or Drama School and also have good look)
  • Airline Captain: Become an airline Captain (Engineering School and also become a pilot trainee)
  • Fire chief: Become a Fire chief
  • Social Media Sharer: Post on social Media
  • Social Media Oversharer: Post at least 5 times on social media (1 life)
  • Movigoer: Go to a movie
  • Movie Junkie: Go at least to 5 movies (1 life)
  • Social Media Star: Get a million social media followers

BitLife Achievements Guide – 31º-63º

  • Naughty Child: Get expelled from school
  • Instigator: Start a prison riot
  • Justice: Get freed from prison by appeal
  • Escape Artist: Escape from prison
  • Midnight Express: Get sentenced to turkish prison
  • There´s Always Canada: Emigrate to Canada
  • Say Goodbye to Hollywod: Get deported from de US (you need to be living in another country, move to the US illegally and also commit a crime)
  • Abort x 10: At least 10 abortions (1 life)
  • Fabulously fertile: At least 10 children (1 life)
  • Multigamist: Get married at least 10 times (1 life)
  • Stud: At least 100 lovers (1 life)
  • Hungry Hippo: Get Killed by a hippopotamus (just run away when you find one)
  • Gorilla and the Fist: Get decapitated by a gorilla (Try to save the person from the gorilla attack)
  • Animal Rescue: Rescue an Animal
  • Lion Tamer: Rescue a lion
  • Hero: Save a person´s life
  • Lambo: Buy a Lamborghini
  • Car collector: Car collection worth in at least $1M
  • Real Estate Mogul: Buy a real estate worth in at least $1M
  • Trailer Party: Throw a party in a trailer
  • Mansion Party: Throw a party in a mansion
  • Jackpot: Win the lottery jackpot
  • Bubonic Plague: Contract the bubonic plague
  • Foam at the Mouth: Contract rabies
  • Boty Call: Have a successful Brazilian Butt lift
  • Ultimate Betrayal: Your wife leaves you and changes her sex
  • Snake snack: Eat a Snake
  • Successful Rehab: Cure an addiction at the rehab center
  • Medieval Attack: Get attacked with a medieval weapon
  • Witchcraft: Cure a disease at the witch doctor
  • Winnipeg, Eh? Go to Winnipeg on vacations
  • Cliff Diver: Go cliff diving
  • Skeezy: Finally Get called Skeezy

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