Realm Grinder Secret Trophies

Realm Grinder Secret Trophies

Last Updated on 16 August, 2022

Realm Grinder Secret Trophies – All Secret Trophies and how to unlock them, with tips and locations if required

Realm Grinder Secret Trophies – Full List

  • Leet: Have exactly 1337 Coins at any given time.
  • Unitary: Have exactly 1 of each building at any given time.
  • Building Hater: Reach 100,000 Coins without building anything.
  • Grand Diplomat: Ally with each faction at least once.
  • Exchange Master: Purchase 500 Royal Exchanges in a single game.
  • Lucky Neutral: Spend 7777 minutes being Neutral (5d 9h 37m)
  • Perfectly Good: Spend 333 hours being Good (13d 21h)
  • Diabolical Evil: Spend 6 days, 66 hours, 666 minutes and 666666 seconds being Evil (16d 22h 17m 6s)
  • Assistant Squasher: Click 100 times on the little assistant above your realm.
  • Rewind: Abdicate after producing at least 1 Oc (1E27) Coins.
  • Faction Grinder: Purchase the first 6 Faction Heritage upgrades in a single game.
  • Master Archeologist: You have discovered all the relics of the Ancient Races (Titans, Druids, and Faceless)
  • Spellfury: Cast Tax Collection while having 3 spells active.
  • Speed Run: Reach 1 M (1E6) coins in less than 5 minutes, without using Gem Power (Can be done at R0)
  • Equality: With no less than 3 days of playtime, have less than 1 minute of playtime difference for the 3 alignments.
  • Beard Carpet: Have at least 1km beards on your assistants (This takes 1d 3h 47m.)
  • Premeditation: Have at least 850 Dark Temples on any individual run before affiliating with the Drow.
  • Fast Forward: Accumulate an offline time of at least 88 hours. The sum of all your offline reports counts towards this purpose (3d 16h, This R)
  • Need a Head Start?: Don’t do anything for 5 minutes after starting a new game.
  • Realm Digger: Excavate 400 times.
  • Harlequin: As a Mercenary, purchase one upgrade from 11 different factions.
  • Lucifer: As a Good Mercenary, purchase only Evil mercenary faction upgrades or vice versa.
  • Mathematician: Have building amounts exactly equal to 2tier-1 from bottom to top, starting from 20 Halls of Legends (1024 Farms, 512 Inns, 256 Blacksmiths, 128, 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2 and 1 Hall of Legends)
  • Mercenary Spirit: Reincarnate while playing as a Mercenary.
  • Bloodstream: Purchase 100 upgrades from each faction as a Mercenary (across all Reincarnations)
  • Unlimited Mana: Have a mana regeneration rate of at least 300 mana per second.
  • For Science!: Purchase all the research facilities.
  • Exchange Lord: Purchase 1500 Royal Exchanges in a single game.
  • Magician: Discover at least 10 Spellcraft Researches.
  • Artisan: Discover at least 10 Craftsmanship Researches.
  • Demigod: Discover at least 10 Divine Researches.
  • Businessman: Discover at least 10 Economics Researches.
  • Apothecary: Discover at least 10 Alchemy Researches.
  • Warlord: Discover at least 10 Warfare Researches.
  • Faction Run: Reach 1 M (1.5E6) Faction Coins in less than 5 minutes, without using Gem Power, Excavations nor any spell.
  • No Recruiting: Reach 1 Novg (1E90) gems in a Reincarnation without ever affiliating with the Mercenaries.
  • That Excavated Quickly: Excavate 1000 times in the first 30 seconds of playtime.
    (Can be done from around R9+)
  • glho kohhl snod: Barely whispering these letters makes your heart pound harder…”
    (In the options, try to import this: glho kohhl snod)
  • Mana Matrix: Have exactly 4767 maximum mana
  • Suggestion Master: Open the changelog and ponder about what could be added in there for 3 minutes (To open the changelog click the version number in the options)
  • Rule ‘dis: Abdicate 10 times within 3 minutes.
  • Because I Like to Grind: Spend at least 3 hours playing in a single game.
  • Stoic Resistance: Reach an amount of Gems in your treasury equal to the requisite of the first Reincarnation (1 Oc (1E27) gems) without abdicating since the start of a new Reincarnation
  • Van!shment: Reach an Offline Bonus of at least 1 Qa (1E15)% PA: 1895%
  • Iron Rush: Reach 725 Iron Strongholds in 5 minutes without use of Gem Power and Reincarnation Power. (Underground Foundations (Dwarf 5) and Siege (W400) DOES NOT work for this trophy)
  • Advisor Insight: Click the Hint button 100 times.
  • Helden Sterben Nicht: Join Mercenaries, then Undead, then Angels within 15 minutes since the beginning of a new run in a single game session.
  • Mana Waste: Have mana regeneration higher than max mana.
  • God’s Fingers: Reach 100 M (1e8) automatic clicks in this Reincarnation.
  • True Harlequin: As a Mercenary, purchase one upgrade from 15 different factions.

Post Ascension Secret Trophies

  • Triple Weirdness (PA): 333 of each Royal Exchange (Whilst the exchange count can be reached before Ascension, the trophy won’t be awarded in build 3.0)
  • Colorful Autocasting (PA): Have each type of autocasting active simultaneously. (Note: You must use the buttons in the spell tooltip, rather than keyboard shortcuts, in order to trigger this trophy. Make sure “Enable Spell Tooltip Persist” is checked in the options.)
  • Spell Cataclysm (PA): Have at least 4 spells active on tier 5 or higher.
  • Dragon Tamer (PA): Fully develop your Spiky Egg into an Elder Dragon.
  • Prismatic Mana (PA): Cast the same amount of Faction spells with all Vanilla and Neutral factions with a minimum of 100 each (Can only be unlocked after ascending once)
  • Autoclicker (PA): Perform 40 automatic clicks in one second. Only available at R60 or higher (Currently bugged; may require less than 40)
  • Exchange High Lord (PA): Purchase 5000 royal exchanges in a single game.
  • Genealogist (PA): Have a total of 300 lineage levels.
  • Holy Frenzy (PA2): Within a single reincarnation, have a combined activity time of at least 3 days from Blood Frenzy and Holy Light.
  • Uniformity (PA2): With no less than 3 days of playtime, have less than one minute of playtime difference for Order, Chaos and Balance alignments
  • Art Of The Crow (PA2): Excavate 6 full Faction Artifact Sets
  • Faction Ruler (PA2): Unlock all Advanced Heritages
  • MAD Masks (PA2): R125+, Find all fragments of the Makers, Archon and Djinn masks.
  • Future Linkin (PA2): A2+, Abdicate with at least 150,000 Unique Buildings.

Realm Grinder Secret Trophies – FAQ

  • You won’t see the secret trophies until you unlock them
  • Each trophy rewards a secret upgrade
  • There are currently 64 secret trophies

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