Rocket League Keyboard Controls & Pro Settings (2023)

Rocket League Keyboard Controls

Last Updated on 19 August, 2023

Rocket League Keyboard Controls: The Default PC Controls, some Pro Settings and also a quick guide to rebind and improve your settings

Below are the default key bindings for the keyboard controls, mouse controls, and gamepad controls in the game, Rocket League. The keybindings may be changed from the Main Menu. See also the Rocket League Promo Codes and how to redeem them

Rocket League Keyboard Controls – Default PC

These are the Default PC Keyboard controls:

  • Accelerate – X
  • Reverse – S
  • Steer – A, D
  • Jump – Mouse right button
  • Boost – Mouse left button
  • Powerslide – Left Shift
  • Skip Replay – Mouse left button
  • Air Steer and Pitch – W, A, S, D
  • Air Roll – Left Shift
  • Focus on ball – Space
  • Rear View – Mouse Wheel
  • Scoreboard – Tab
  • Voice Chat – F
  • Skip music track – N
  • Text Chat – T
  • Team Text Chat – Y
  • Reset Shot – Back Space
  • Save Replay – Back Space (Hold)
  • Use Item – R
  • Capture Screenshot – F12
  • Information – Team (Quick Chat) – 1 (*)
  • Compliments (Quick Chat) – 2 (*)
  • Reactions (Quick Chat) – 3 (*)
  • Apologies (Quick Chat) – 4 (*)
  • Post Game (Quick Chat) – 1 (*)

(*) You can change your quick chat messages from the Options menu > Chat

Rocket League Keyboard Controls – Pro Settings

If you want to try other settings, feel free to try these from youtuber Yukeo:

Work really good, hope you enjoy these settings

Fortnite Keyboard Controls – How to Rebind?

From the Main Menu > Controls > View / Change bindings

Once there first click on the key you want to rebind and then on the key you want to bound.

If you still have any doubt, check this video from the youtuber FluuMP. You will see how to rebind and also a pro keyboard controls settings:

If you want More Keyboard Controls Guides

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