Rocket League Boost FPS guide

Rocket League Boost FPS

Last Updated on 24 November, 2022

Rocket League Boost FPS guide – The best guide to max your FPS, Fix Stutters and also fix lag, optimize everything in no more than 10 minutes

Rocket League Boost FPS – FPS boost pack

Restore point

Before instaling the FPS boost pack, create a restore point

Go to the start menu > search for create a restore point > click on it and open the System properties window > Click on Local Disk C: and then on Configure > Turn on system protection and set up Max usage to 5% > Apply and Create (name it as you want)

Download & Install FPS Boost pack

Here you can download it > Download link

Extract it to your desktop > Open it > Go to the first folder (Configs) > open the recommended folder > copy the text folder TASystemSettings.ini >  Go to PC > Documents > My Games > Rocket League > TAGame > Config > Paste the TASystemSettings.ini inside the Config folder (replace the file in destination)

Rocket League Boost FPS – In-Game Video Settings

To max or boost your FPS, Set up the Options > Video like this:

  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Display mode: Full Screen
  • Vertical Syn: Disabled
  • Apply: Click on this button after the previous adjustments
  • Anti Aliasing: Off
  • Render Quality: Performance
  • Render Detail: Performance
  • Max FPS: 250
  • Texture detail: Performance
  • World detail: Performance
  • Particle detail: Performance
  • High Quality Shades: Disabled
  • Ambient Occlusion: Disabled
  • Depth of field: Disabled
  • Bloom: Disabled
  • Light Shafts: Disabled
  • Lens Flares: Disabled
  • Dynamic Shadows: Disabled
  • Motion Blur: Disabled
  • Weather Effects: Disabled
  • Transparent Goal Posts: Enabled

Rocket League Boost FPS – Graphics Card

Go to the Rocket League FPS Boost Pack and now open the Nvidia Inspector folder > Open the NvidiaProfileInspector.exe > Once opened, in the new window you only have to change the Frame Rate Limiter Mode to the one that ends in 4 (6th option) > apply changes (upper right corner)

Rocket League Boost FPS – Pack Control

Now we have to open the 3rd folder (Pack control) > Instal park control setup exe according to your operating system (32 bit or 64 bit, better if you check it but 64 bit is the usual option) > before using it, create an Ultimate power plan

Ultimate power plan

To create an Ultimate Power Plan > start menu > type cmd > run as admin and hit yes > paste this command: powercfg -duplicatescheme e9a42b02-d5df-448d-aa00-03f14749eb61 and press enter > close the cmd

Start menu again > type power > Edit power plan > go to Power Options > hit the down arrow > select Ultimate Performance > Change plan settings > Turn off the display = Never > Save the settings and close

CPU Parking and Frecuency Scaling settings

Now open the pack control installed (CPU Parking and Frecuency Scaling settings) > Set the power plan  to Ultimate Performance and click mark active > Set the 4 bars to 100% > mark Bitsum dynamic boost > Apply & Close

Rocket League Boost FPS – ISLC

Go again to the FPS Boost pack, and copy the 4th folder (ISLC) to your desktop > Open the folder and run the .exe (application) > open it and click on Stop if it’s already running > settings:

  • The list size is at least: 1024
  • Free memory is lower than: half of your total memory size (check it above)
  • Wanter timer resolution: 0.5000
  • ISLC Polling rate: 10,000
  • Hit start
  • Hit Purge standby list
  • Minimize the window

Check this settings everytime before playing

Rocket League Boost FPS – Launch options

Go to the FPS boost pack one last time and run MSI Mobile Utility V2. exe as an admin (right click) > find your graphic card there, mark the msi box and set the priority to High, apply changes

Open the launch options txt (FPS Boost pack), copy the text > open the Epic Games launcher > Settings (left menu) > scroll down and click on rocket league > Addicional command line arguments and paste the text there

Close everything

Rocket League Boost FPS – PC Settings

Start menu > type this pc > click on properties > advance system settings > performance settings > adjust for best performance and apply

Start menu > type msconfig > run as administrator:

  • boot tab > advanced options > set the number of processors to max >
  • Services tab > uncheck services like chrome, google update, adobe…> apply
  • Startup tab > task manager > disable the programs you don’t want to start every time windows starts (don’t disable microsoft programs

Start menu > Settings icon:

  • Updates & Security > Check for updates
  • Privacy > Everything to off > scroll down to background apps > everything to off

Video Guide

You will find everything explained in this videoguide from the youtuber Reknotic

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