Rust Recoil Patterns Guide – Spray & Control

Rust Recoil Patterns Guide

Last Updated on 22 April, 2024

Struggling to control weapon recoil in Rust? Tired of missing shots due to unpredictable weapon kick?

In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Rust’s recoil patterns, including how to identify them, techniques to control them, and tips for improving your shooting skills.

Let’s get started.

Rust Recoil Patterns Guide – Info

It is not a normal shooter game, in Rust you can increase your attack power if you learn some spray patterns, you will have a considerable advantage if in the heat of war you know these patterns and apply them in battle.

Will considerably increase your performance in the game, if you manage to shoot down other enemies without falling, that is, win more battles without losing; and although we know that this mission is very complicated, this little guide can help you achieve it.

Rust Recoil Patterns Guide – Weapons

There are a total of 6 weapons, of which you can learn their spray pattern, now you can see the 6 weapons, keep scrolling further down you can see the patterns and interesting information:

  • AK 47
  • LR-300
  • M249
  • Thompson
  • Custom SMG
  • MP5A4

Recoil Patterns – AK 47

AK 47 – Spray Pattern – Rust. This weapon is the typical weapon that all video games have, so is soo famous, Ak47 is always a very dangerous weapon which you can easily beat your enemies, has a lot of assault power, carefully observe ak 47 spray pattern that you must do, because we believe it is easy to do, will have no problem doing it. AK 47 Spray Pattern has the shape of an inverted S, is a fast and simple movement as well as lethal for your enemies.

Recoil Patterns – LR-300

LR-300 – Spray Pattern – Rust. The LR-300 Spray Pattern is simpler than the assault rifle, LR-300 Spray Pattern weapon is quite used and maybe that’s why it’s one of the favorites, just because of the easy pattern to make. The LR-300 Spray Pattern is a full side to side move, if you are just starting out in Rust, we advise you to use this weapon.A LR-300 is a good ranged weapon, usually used with x8 range and the purpose of LR-300 is to chain several consecutive shots (if it´s to a vulnerable part, much better).

Recoil Patterns – M249

M249 – Spray Pattern – Rust. M249 is the most lethal weapon in the game, but it has a “small” problem (has a very strong recoil); so shooting this weapon will cause to lose time to aim at the enemy again. As a player you must try all the weapons, maybe it can help you.Due to the above, M249 Spray Pattern of this weapon is extremely simple. Are you willing to lose speed in exchange for power? It is a strategy that you will have to check for yourself.M249 Spray Pattern, we recommend to use it.

Recoil Patterns – Thompson

Thompson – Spray Pattern – Rust. To use Thompson you just have to get used to using his firing speed and the gradual descending Thompson Spray Pattern (it seems difficult, but it is not) they are simple and easy movements to execute, can get the level 2 weapon (it is more lethal) an incredible way to deal heavy damage without access to level 3.Thompson Spray Pattern compared to the MP5A4 is not difficult, but Thompson in terms of battle has higher damage,lower recoil, good control, but Thompson has lower range and accuracy, making it more suitable to close-ranged encounters.

Recoil Patterns – Custom SMG

Custom SMG – Spray Pattern – Rust. The Custom SMG is very similar to the Thompson gun, it’s easy to use and maybe easy to get used to. Negative reason to no use it, is the accuracy and range (are very poor). But Custom SMG Spray Pattern may help in that task, because you have time to perform the pattern while you return to aim and shoot (we are talking about very little time). The Custom SMG, can take someone down quickly at close range, but you won’t have the accuracy to do it at long range, even if you control the recoil.Custom SMG Spray Pattern in general, it is easy to do. Custom SMG is a sub machine gun (holds 24 bullets) and has a fast rate of fire faster than Thompson.

Recoil Patterns – MP5A4

MP5A4 – Spray Pattern – Rust. MP5A4 Spray Pattern of this weapon is a little more complicated, but for a player with well-trained fingers, we don’t think it will be a problem. The MP5A4 weapon has little recoil and good cadence so you can make small bursts of fire with greater precision, perhaps it is an advantage for veteran players, you can try it and tell us the result.As we said at the beginning, the complicated part of the pattern is the last turns of right, then left (a little more than half), right and left; it can be somewhat complicated. But it’s just practice.

MP5A4 is a submachine gun which shoots Pistol Bullets and holds 30 rounds of ammunition.

Rust Recoil Patterns Guide – Controls & Server

Mouse Sensitivity, you must adjust it to your own taste, it is important that you are comfortable, because you will improve the precision.

Could be a good choice buy a mouse pad, but a larger mouse pad than usual size, so that you can be easier to control the pointer (consider checking the sensitivity of the mouse to be able to scroll correctly).

Practice scrolling, you’ll be able to do it with the first bullet points. on some servers you can practice aiming (check server).

Try to use long-distance weapons and short-distance weapons, depending on how good or bad you are with certain weapons, you will be able to carry out an adequate strategy (not having the best weapon will make you the best in the game).


As we explained, you may find it useful to find a server where they allow you to practice aiming and patterns. There are many available, but we recommend Rustoria RTG.

We hope that this guide has been useful to you, and now your raids are much more optimal. In case you are interested, we leave you other guides and resources of interest from Rust

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