Shadovis RPG Trello Link & Wiki (2023)

Shadovis RPG Trello Link & Wiki

Last Updated on 9 October, 2023

Shadovis RPG Trello Link & Wiki – Official link of Trello, the most complete wiki of the Roblox The Elemental game

Shadovis RPG Trello Link & Wiki – Official Trello

Currently there is no trello, but there is fandom, so if you are looking for a wiki:

Fandom Link & Wiki – Shadovis RPG:

Shadovis RPG Trello Link & Wiki – Wiki

It seems that there will be changes soon, because there is no trello yet, and the fandom is quite scarce. So either they will develop a more complete fandom, or they will start with trello, either way we will update you and tell you where to find the best wiki

The fandom link we have provided will take you to the current wiki. It seems somewhat incomplete, since there are barely 17 pages of content, although the truth is that there are 17 very well developed and very complete pages.

In the fandom you can currently find everything related to Weapons (Swords, Tomes, Staffs and Miscellaneous), Armors, Shields, Locations (Realms, Niche, Secrets and Cubits), Enemy List, Cubits

Although lately we are getting used to finding wikis in trello format, the truth is that we like the fandom format better. It may cost more to see all the information at a glance, but when the information requires development and extension, in our opinion, fandom is the best platform

The information is extensive, up-to-date and has the quality seal of being official information, built by collaborators, but reviewed directly by the The Elemental

In case it can help you, here are some guides based on information from Trello, although grouped in a list format, to make it easier for you to access the information:

Other Shadovis RPG Guides: Visit the Codes

Trello FAQ – Cubits

Cubits are the best F2P way to increase XP, there are a total of 180 cubits in the game, you can track your progress in the glossary located in your stats page. Each cubit increases XP gain by 10%+(10%*rebirths); 50 cubits at rebirth 2 would net you a 1500% XP increase.

Every update, some cubits are removed, some are added, right now the total is 180, but the total if you played for all updates is 186 (Changing number)

This is a list of the cubits not dropped by bosses, if you are looking for a specific boss please search using Ctrl + F on Enemy List.

As you can see if you go to the Cubits section in Fandom (, the list is huge, and it would be difficult to capture that in trello.

More Trello guides:

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