Shindo Life Commands – Full & Updated list

Shindo Life Commands

Last Updated on 16 October, 2022

Shindo Life Commands – Full & Updated list – Take advantage of the commands to improve your experience in Shindo Life, by Rell Games

Shindo Life Commands – Full List

  • !squad – To make a squad
  • !inv [username] – to invite a player
  • !acc [username] – to accept a player’s invite
  • !duel [username] – to duel a player (requires both players on a pad).
  • !accd [username] – To accept a duel invitation
  • !cancel – to exit mission
  • !topad – Tp to Cpad
  • !cmds – Full list of available commands
  • !ccmds – To close the commands menu
  • !ffon – Friendly Fire on
  • !ffoff – Friendly Fire off
  • !1v1 [username] [username] – 1vs1 Train
  • !rogue – Kage Command
  • !unrogue – Kage Command
  • !kick [username] – To kick a player
  • !leave – To leave a squad
  • !leave – To leave a squad
  • !cdog – to change the color of Okami’s dog (but requires 25 robux)
  • !spirit – To customize the Tailed Spirit’s appearance and color. Requires Tailed Spirit mode active & 2 spins to reroll the color
  • !spirit off – To close the Tailed Spirit’s customization room.
  • !beserk – Automatically attack nearby targets
  • !name – to change the roleplay name
  • !Tentacion – to activate Tentacion Mode for Tailed Spirits
  • !village [village name] – changes the symbol in the headband to the one of the selected village. (ember, haze, nimbus, obelisk, dunes, etc), for example “!village haze”

Shindo Life Commands – Training

These are all the training commands

  • !cpads – to create a training
  • !begin – to begin a training
  • !end – to end a training
  • !reward – training reward
  • !bell – Bell training
  • !tm – TDM training
  • !inf – info training
  • !pushup – exercise training
  • !treejump – exercise training
  • !ktrain [username] – Kunai training

Shindo Life Commands – War Server

These are War server exclusive commands

  • !spawn [mapname] – War server exclusive
  • !despawn – War server exclusive
  • !game tdm, elim – War server exclusive
  • !endgame – War server exclusive
  • !team1/2 – War server exclusive
  • !spawn team – War server exclusive

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How to use Commands?

Just open the chat, type any of the provided commands, and press enter to activate it

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