Stranded Deep Farming Guide (Construct & Farm)

stranded deep farming guide

Last Updated on 17 January, 2023

Stranded Deep Farming Guide – Fruit production and consumption are essential for human survival. Here’s how to construct a plot and farm in Stranded Deep efficiently.

One of the most effective ways to grow food in Stranded Deep is through farming. It follows that if you want to survive, you might want to learn how to build a farm plot and harvest food. We’ll show you how to build a farm plat and farm in Stranded Deep in this guide.

How To Construct Farm Plot in Stranded Deep

You must first create a Crude Hoe in Stranded Deep before you can construct a farm plot. It takes crude hoe to construct a farm plot. The components needed to make a Crude Hoe in Stranded Deep are listed below.

  • Lashing x 1
  • Stone Tool x 1
  • Wood Stick x 2

Once you obtain the Crude Hoe, equip it and construct a farm plot using the following materials. To start a farm, you have three different options. The choices are all listed here; choose from any of them.

  • Corrugated Scrap x 2
  • Plank Scrap x 2
  • Wood Stick x 4 and Lashing x 1

The farm plots can be set up on either sand or dirt. They won’t block any of your palm trees or other structures. Therefore, locate a space that is free to plot your farm. They can, however, cross over with vegetation and rocks.

Stranded Deep Farming Guide – How To Farm

You must plant, water, and harvest when the plot is created in order to farm. Any fruits or plants, such as pipi, ajuga, kura, potatoes, aloe vera, quwawa, or yucca, are acceptable. Hold E while moving the mouse over the area to plant a sapling with a fruit or plant in your hand. Over the course of 48 in-game hours, this seedling will mature and bear a single fruit. After then, you can gather the fruit and wait until the following cycle to get the next one.

Watering in Stranded Deep is a little difficult. Every farm plot has a single “Water Charge” that rises in proportion to the fruit you plant. Water will be consumed by the plant as it grows. As a result, you must monitor the Water Charge. The plant will eventually perish if the Water Charge is 0. To boost the Water Charge, use a Clay Water Bottle, Coconut Flask, or Water Skin.

You can harvest the food as the plant reaches maturity. You usually get the fruit you invested in back if the plant dies without water.

That is all there is to know about building a plot and farming in Stranded Deep. You can catch and cook fish in addition to producing fruits to provide food. To survive in Stranded Deep, a variety of additional supplies and commodities are required.

That is all there is to know about constructing a plot and farming in Stranded Deep.  Check visit our other articles if you want to learn more about this game.

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