Tales of Grimm Codes – December 2022

Tales of Grimm Codes

Last Updated on 8 December, 2022

All the Tales of Grimm Codes in one updated list – Mobile Game by TAPPLUS – Redeem these codes for coins, diamonds, energy gem, gold, promotion stones, mind crystals and more

Also you can check Tier List

Tales of Grimm Codes – Full List

Redeem these codes for coins, diamonds, energy gem, gold, promotion stones, mind crystals and more

Valid & Active Codes

These are all the valid codes

  • fashionskin – Redeem Code > Freebies (New)
  • THANKSGIVING2022 – Redeem Code > Freebies
  • GUESS1117 – Redeem Code > Freebies
  • WISH PARTY – Redeem Code > Freebies
  • TOG999 – Redeem Code > Freebies
  • 4URACC – Redeem Code > Freebies 
  • 4SPCU – Redeem Code > Freebies
  • TOG2022 – Redeem Code > Freebies
  • TOGEVERYDAY – Redeem Code > Freebies
  • TOG777 – Redeem Code > 20 Energy Gems
  • VIP777 – Redeem Code > 200 Diamonds and 200 Promotion Stones
  • VIP123 – Redeem Code >200 Diamonds and 1 Energy Gem
  • TOG123 – Redeem Code > 20 Energy Gems

More codes soon, stay tuned and check our list at least twice a week

Tales of Grimm Expired codes

These codes no longer work:

  • DC30K – Redeem Code > Freebies
  • DCEV1 – Redeem Code > Freebies
  • ROCKNROLL – Redeem Code > Freebies
  • TOGTHAI – Redeem Code > Freebies (Expires June 27)
  • 4URACC – Redeem Code > 200 Diamonds and 1 Energy Gem
  • V9DY1 – Redeem Code > Rewards
  • DC10K – Redeem Code > 100K Gold, 200 Diamonds, 50K Hero EXP and 10 Energy Gems 
  • TOGEVERYDAY – Redeem Code > 200 Diamonds, 10 Energy Gems, 100K Gold, and 50K Hero EXP
  • TOG2022 – Redeem Code > 1 Mind Crystals and 10 Energy Gems
  • TOG123 – Redeem Code > 200 Diamonds and 1 Energy Gem

Tales of Grimm Social Media Channels

  • Discord: https://discord.io/talesofgrimm+ > https://discord.com/invite/XmBcUbUXk8
  • Twitter: ??
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/talesofgrimmglobal/

Leave us a comment if you find more working codes, we will add them to the list giving you credits

Tales of Grimm – How to Redeem?

Follow these steps to redeem codes:

  1. Launch Tales of Grimm.
  2. Tap on the setting option (main menu screen)
  3. At the bottom of the menu > Tap on the gift Code button
  4. Copy and paste a code from our list or type the code
  5. Click on “ Claim” and enjoy your freebies

About the Game

We suggest you to read all before play, cause we will give you some advises to improve your game quality.

Begin the story in the Land of Oz. You will be a Dreamer that will go to some adventures with a lot of heroes,  explore the secrets hidden behind the dark.

  • Free Up Your Hands: Set your hero formation and wait for victories. Heroes won’t stop fighting.
  • Train Your Hero Easier: Experience the exhilaration of upgrading heroes. Equip treasures for your heroes and grow stronger without touching your phone.
  • Explore More Story: Incredible Land of Oz, tons of secrets hidden in inconspicuous corners. Also you must play various modes to find out more stories about the natives of the Land of Oz.
  • Fight For Your Honor: Discover your best hero formations (make your own strategies), compete with other dreamers in PVP Arena. Just win some rewards & honors!

Some references of the players: Great game, simple concept. AFK Arena-like style, but with an option to choose formation styles. Fun characters and not really a P2W. You can spent a small amount (couple of top ups). But, you can easily be one of the strong players in the server without breaking the bank. Just have to learn the right heroes to get and level up.

In the following video you can check how to redeem codes in Tales of Grimm (thanks to youtuber: FunnelZ TV)

Some tips for Beginner players

Another video for beginner players, just check it, it is a short video (thanks to youtuber: GuiltyXman)

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