Treasure of Nadia Ancient Temple Puzzle 100% Guide

Treasure of Nadia Ancient Temple Puzzle

Last Updated on 29 August, 2023

Treasure of Nadia Ancient Temple Puzzle 100% Guide – x49 Puzzles – Collect all the Royal Talisman and also Evie’s Profile

There are a total of 49 puzzles, and you can’t get to the next one without completing the previous one, so if you’re stuck on one, you need a guide like this

Treasure of Nadia Ancient Temple Puzzle 100% Guide

Ancient Temple is surely the most difficult area of ​​the game, since it is full of puzzles, there are about 50, and each one more complicated. So to simplify we leave you this Moon Spawn video guide, with all the solutions

Although it is a long video, 50 minutes long, you will see that each puzzle is solved in less than a minute. So you just have to get to the one you don’t know how to complete and you will quickly see the solution

We could have made a written guide, as on previous occasions. But it would have been too big a tutorial to be useful, especially with how well done this video guide is.

And if you were thinking about whether to try it or not, but you were too lazy to start with the amount of time it could take, you already have the answer. If you use the video guide, you will have completed all the puzzles and got all the rewards in about 50 minutes.

Ancient Temple Rewards

In case you were wondering, the rewards are well worth it. At first you will get common talismans after solving each puzzle. But as you progress, you’ll get super rare talismans, like the Royal Talisman, and the final reward is Evie’s Profile.

So we hope that with the help of this guide you already have the Evie’s profile and all the previous rewards

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