Treasure of Nadia MOD v1.0117 – Money, Chest Key, Talisman

Treasure of Nadia MOD

Last Updated on 1 September, 2023

Treasure of Nadia MOD v1.0117 – Add Money, Talisman, Idol, Figurines and chest key cheats. Also Option to change characters default outfit​

Treasure of Nadia MOD – Latest Version

Download Treasure of Nadia MOD v1.0117 > Here

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Mod Info

  • Cheats / Features: Money, talisman and chest key cheats
  • Modder: Jong Games​
  • Language: English
  • Version: 1.2

Warning: Do not use the mod on any game version newer than the one listed. Latest Versions are available early on Patreon

About the Mod

This hack for the ToN is just a straightforward cheat mod. Give yourself more money, or increase your collection of talismans and chest keys. Let me know if there are any other farmable resources you would want to see included. Not going to include essential materials or items because they’ll probably make the game’s sequence unreliable. To access the menu, only interact with the pot in your room.


  • Windows: Go into the game folder www>data . Extract or copy the mod files into this folder replacing the old file.
  • Mac: Replace the map014.json file wherever that is stored normally under www>data in the game folder
  • Android: Decompile apk, replace the file and recompile again


  • Version 1.1 Added farmable plants to the list of items and rearranged list for easier use
  • Version 1.2 Added Broken Key

About The Game

The sequel to Lust Epidemic is called Treasure of Nadia. You assume control of a young man in Treasure of Nadia who aspires to follow in the footsteps of his recently died father and become a well-known treasure hunter. You will encounter 12 different female partners in total along the route!

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