Treasure of Nadia Money Cheat

Treasure of Nadia Money Cheat

Last Updated on 30 December, 2023

Treasure of Nadia Money Cheat – Unlimited Money, talisman and chest key cheats – Save hours of farming with a simple cheat that installs in two minutes

Perhaps one of the most tedious aspects of the game is farming, when you lack money, talismans or key cheats it takes a while to get them. So you will certainly appreciate this cheat

Treasure of Nadia Money Cheat – Mod Description

This Mod is a simple Cheat mod for the Treasure of Nadia. Give yourself extra money or add talismans or chest keys to your inventory. If there are other farmable materials you would like added let me know. Not going to add key items or materials as it will most likely sequence break the game. Simply interact with the pot in your room to bring up the menu.​

Treasure of Nadia Money Cheat – Download & Install

It is a .rar hosted on Mega, so it will not cost you much to install it and enjoy its advantages:

Download the Cheats here


  • Windows: Go into the game folder www>data . Extract or copy the mod files into this folder replacing the old file.
  • Mac: Replace the map014.json file wherever that is stored normally under www>data in the game folder
  • Android: Decompile apk, replace the file and recompile again

What to use the money for?

If you don’t use cheats, at first we recommend you not to use them in anything that is not an essential requirement to advance in the game. It’s very tempting to overdecorate your home, but then you’ll have to compensate with hours of treasure hunting.

But if you use cheats, forget it, buy everything you want, decorate your whole house at once, and if you manage to spend it all, use the cheat again, which of course does not penalize your progress in the game

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Let us know in the comments if the money cheat stops working after an update, so we can find another one that works and we can add it to the guide

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  1. How do you recompile the apk? Should i decompile the apk installer or the installed app? Then how do you recompile the app after copying the cheat? Not a programmer need detailed intructions for android please

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