Tremina Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Skills, Weapons, Equipment and Abilities

tremina best builds in the diofield chronicle

Last Updated on 4 October, 2022

Tremina Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Read on to learn more about Tremina Umbert, his best abilities and physiques, early, mid and late game weapons, abilities, and more!

About Tremina Umbert

Snipers are very important characters in Diofield Chronicles, one of them is Tremina. The crossbow she uses is very effective, and her skills work well against hordes of enemies. Overall, she’s the best range fighter. Her skills like chain shots and headshots take advantage of a common enemy weakness, dealing massive damage and increasing critical strike chance.

How To Recruit Tremina?

Tremina will automatically join your party after completing Chapter 4: Quell The Riots Again

Tremina Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Overall Skills


Offensive Skill

        • Deals damage to enemies in the target area. The more enemies, the more damage done.

Chain Shot

Offensive Skill

        • Fires a bullet that bounces from one enemy to another in the targeted area, inflicting Weakness.

Chaos Cluster

Offensive Skill

        • Damages a target, burning, delaying, poisoning, or stunning a random target. Other states can also be created, each with a 30% chance.

Tremina Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Early, Mid and Late Weapons

Gigantic Crossbow – Mid

    • The best affordable Firearm before reaching Weapon Development Rank 5.
    • Additional 21 points to Technique.
    • Has Chain Shot and Chaos Cluster as Active Skills.

Crossbow of Devotion – Late

    • Has the highest Attack out of all the Firearms.
    • Addional 49 points to Technique and Luck.
    • Has Chain Shot and Chaos Cluster, and Headshot as Active Skills.

Tremina Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Accesories

Accessory HP Atk Def Tec Lck
Dragon Claw Bangle 0 15 0 0 0
Adept Necklace 0 0 0 30 0

Tremina Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Builds

Weapons and Skills

Crossbow of Devotion

Chain Shot

Chaos Cluster


Accessories and Passives

Dragon Claw Bangle

Level Headed

Adept Necklace

Skill Damage Boost

Character Abilities


Divine Technique

Piercing Auto-Attack

Tremina Best Builds in The Diofield Chronicle – Abilities

Ability Description
Awaken Increases the target area and range of the skill by 10%.
Divine Technique Deals additional damage equal to 30% of the skill.
Piercing Auto-Attack Auto-attacks pierce their targets.

All Characters Quest of Tremina

Chapter Quest Name Reward
Chapter 4 A Misunderstanding 5000 G
Chapter 5 Trust Earned Through Action Shop Rank Up (5)
Chapter 6 A Sinner 10000 G
Chapter 6 A Farewell 10000 G
Chapter 7 A Family 20000 G

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