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Last Updated on 9 January, 2024

Valor Legends tier list – All characters of Valor Legends ranked from Tier S (the best) to tier C (the worst)

In the following tier list you can check all characters and theit main skill

Also check the Code list and the Reroll guide

Valor Legends Tier List – S Rank

Tier S – Tier List > The best player to play in any mode, we recommend to use as a tank: Lionel or Eric, they are the best.

  • Lionel: Warrior – Forest – tank capable of surviving late game PVE rounds
  • Eric: Warrior – Legion – Better for PVP over PVE compared to Lionel
  • Olivia: Priest – Light – Her active heals every member & atack speed
  • Margaret: Priest – Undead – An amazing non L/S healer
  • Flora: Priest – Forest – periodically dispels all debuffs
  • Yulvyin: Mage – Shadow – Very high damage in most gamemodes
  • Garr: Assassin – Shadow – Strong AOE
  • Oche: Mage – Legion – Very high damage and great CC
  • Suvere: Priest – Shadow – immunity to an ally
  • Sinclair: Mage – Light – High ultimate skill damage
  • Cardelin: Warrior – Undead – Better for PVP over PVE Huge shields + Self sustain
  • Ramiel: Assassin – Undead – Good CC, immortality, some self-heal
  • Felix: Ranger – Light – Targets the backline with his Ult and reduces enemy ATK
  • Sellier: Ranger – Shadow – Great damage & good support
  • Shadow Warrior Khuulka

Valor Legends Tier List – A

Tier A – Tier List > Very good option for you strategies

  • Yesacco: Warrior – Shadow -The Support and CC on the hero go hand in hand.
  • LuciaPriest – Undead – boosts the damage done by allies and provides a leech effect
  • Terrence: Assassin – Forest – good damage and a dodge shield
  • Ixlott: Ranger – Legion – Good against assassins (thx gregor)
  • Diana: Ranger – Undead – Permanently silences the front enemy unit
  • Telwihr: Ranger – Legion – High damage output
  • Milton: Mage – Legion – Damage dealing hero
  • Gisela: Mage – Legion – Good CC with her sheep
  • Waga: Priest – Legion – Great for supporting an ally
  • Grigor: Priest – Legion – Massive buff to ally energy
  • Achis: Mage – Undead – damage share (75%)
  • Liv: Ranger – Forest – CC has a 75% chance per arrow to petrify
  • Doris: Mage – Forest – CC ability – knock back enemies
  • Gisella: Mage – Legion – energy drain from enemies
  • Renee: Ranger – Legion – good ultimate
  • Sota: Assassin – Legion – stun and some great damage
  • Catarina: Warrior – Light – heal and dispells debuffs
  • Bally: Assassin – Undead – Increased power with time
  • Frode: Mage – Forest – Has very solid CC
  • New Legion Assassin Narrisa
  • Ireus

Valor Legends Tier List – B Rank

Tier B – Tier List > In some strategies are usefull

  • Bella: Assassin – Undead – A good CC and reduces enemy attack speed considerably
  • Renaud: Warrior – Forest – Defensive passives
  • Ayla: Warrior – Legion
  • Seth: Warrior – Undead
  • Norton: Warrior – Undead
  • Patrus: Warrior – Forest
  • Brooke: Ranger – Undead – CC is a gamble
  • Darby: Ranger – Forest
  • Beelzebub: Assassin – Undead
  • Edwyrd: Ranger – Forest

C Rank

Tier C – Tier List > These heroes are the worst, they have low damage, low HP, bad skills. But If you want to practice with them, they are nice 🙂

  • Raghnall: Mage – Legion
  • Primo: Mage – Forest

Valor Legends – How to Play?

Welcome to Valor Legends: Eternity, a magical world full of epic tales and exciting adventures! Loads of Heroes with unique characteristics await you on the way seeking the Lost Eternal Artifacts! Summon them into your crew and guide them through the fascinating but dangerous unknown world against the Shadow Force! The fate of the world lies in your hand!

  • Exquisite graphic design! A visual feast especially built for you – exquisite and simple art style, high-quality rendered hero models allow you to dive into this vivid world.
  • No more grinding! Auto Idle while you’re away! Constantly store idle rewards while you relax!
  • Reset heroes with almost zero cost! Reset your heroes to get back all materials used before! Reform various teams within a few clicks!

Tips for beginners

If you are relatively new and just starting to play, we recommend you watch the following video. We thank to youtuber StillAliveGG, the creator of the video. You can know some kind of things about the characters, atacking, move, hero range, maps, and more

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